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Do You Know That Becoming a Travel Agent is Easier Today?

Do you love your career?

If you’re like most people, you may look forward to Friday and dread Sunday night. The cycle continues from week-to-week, month-to-month, and year-to-year.

This is no way to live!

Being in a career that you love is a blessing. Not only do you get to do what you love and make money from it, but you can live life to the fullest.

Seems simple, doesn’t it?

You want to be fulfilled in your career. This is why it’s no surprise that many people search ‘how to become an independent travel agent’ because they want to make a living from traveling the world and helping others have immersive experiences.

The reality?

Becoming a travel agent is easier now than ever. And the rising interest in becoming a professional within the industry grows each day.

4 Ways You Can Become a Travel Agent

Whether you want to focus on Bleisure (business + travel) or cruise vacations, you can pursue your love of the travel industry! See how you can get one step closer to becoming an entrepreneur and possibly starting your own travel agency.

Apply to Travel Agencies

Are there travel agencies in your area? If so, why not apply for open agent positions? Some will provide on-the-job training and perhaps offer continuing education through their industry associations. Not only can you learn from experienced agents, but you can see how a travel agency is run. And who knows? Maybe you’ll become a partner one day or create your own brick and mortar.

Book Your Own Travel and Tell Your Family and Friends

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Determine which path is right for you

I'm a New Agent
I'm An Experienced Agent

Have you booked your own travel? If so, why not tell your family and friends? After all, you probably have an abundance of research and information on Disney vacations, family travel, honeymoons, and group travel. Why not leverage your skills and offer to plan trips for your family and friends? See that. Becoming a home-based travel agent has never been so easy.

Enroll in Classes from Travel Organizations and Schools

You can become a travel agent or certified travel consultant by enrolling in training programs from AAA, ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents), Community College of Rhode Island, Travel Leaders of Tomorrow, The Travel Institute, The Travel Academy, and other organizations. However, you may have to show that you’ve been working in the travel industry for at least a year. If you want to specialize in a particular niche, you can take additional classes.

Join a Host Travel Agency

Becoming a travel agent from home doesn’t mean you have to be on your own. Joining a host travel agency gives you access to seasoned travel entrepreneurs, attend conferences, get an optimized website, and more. The best part about signing up with a travel host agency is you get to keep your identity. After all, it’s your business.

“I joined Travel Planners International as I was looking for a host agency that would not infringe on my identity/agency and clients. What I found was a professional family that I now feel that I am a part of, that works with me as a team, not only just a host agency! Thank you to this tremendous company and what they have to offer us agencies and agents!”– Sabine Graf

You Probably Didn’t Think about Becoming a Travel, Until Now

You may consider at this moment…

Is it worth it to become a travel agent? Is it worth it to put time and effort into a new career, whether it’s full-time or part-time? Is it worth becoming an entrepreneur?

Only you can decide on what you’d like to achieve in your life.

Would you like to be stuck in a career where you struggle to get out of bed each morning? Or would you rather become an entrepreneur and create the life you actually want? You won’t know unless you dive into the travel industry and get to know other professionals.

The choice is yours!
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