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Before You Travel to St Lucia, Read These Top Things To Do

Whether you’re seeking a family vacation, adventure travel, or a romantic getaway, you couldn’t ask for a better travel destination than St. Lucia. When you arrive on the island, you’ll be greeted by warm, tropical weather and welcoming locals who have a rich culture. You’ll soon discover that St. Lucia has gorgeous beaches, impressive mountains, magnificent waterfalls, and miles of rainforest. The island is family friendly as some resorts have on-site waterparks, children’s activities and menus, and entertainment for everyone. Doesn’t all of this sound good? Read on to learn the top things to do in St. Lucia and then think about planning a vacation of lifetime to the island.

These Are the Top Things To Do in St. Lucia

St. Lucia provides a great mix of adventure, relaxation, and family fun. Here are some of the top things to do on the island.

Petit Piton and Gros Piton – Head to Petit Piton and Gros Piton, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While the mountains are covered with tropical vegetation, it’s possible to climb them. But it may be a challenge. Gros Piton is easier to climb and about a four hour round-trip. Keep in mind that you need permission and a guide. You can register at the base of Gros Piton.

Zip Line – For a heart-pounding adventure, fly above the rainforest on a series of zip lines. The canopy tour gives you a birds-eye view of the greenery below. This is your chance to channel your inner Tarzan!

Reduit Beach – Known for surrounding Rodney Bay, Reduit Beach is one of the popular beaches on St. Lucia. At first the water may seem bluer than blue. But look again, and it may be the color of turquoise. The waves are gentle, making it perfect for swimming or windsurfing. The central part of Reduit Beach may be crowed so head to the south end. You’ll find fewer crowds, shade, and a great beach bar.

Pigeon Island – If a spooky adventure is what you’re after, explore the remains of barracks, batteries and garrisons on Pigeon Island. The somewhat intact buildings give the location a ghost-town vibe. But don’t be too scared because the trees, lawns, and coastal views are spectacular. You can check out a kitchen from 1824 and the interpretative center. Go to the top of Fort Rodney Hill and you’ll see a well-preserved fortress, rusting cannons, and remarkable views.

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Scuba Dive and Snorkel – A St. Lucia vacation wouldn’t be complete without scuba diving and snorkeling as the waters are perfect for beginners and advanced divers. The extraordinary dive sites thrust divers into an underwater world filled colorful fish, secret alcoves, and deep sea wildlife. Courses are available for beginners and certifications for advanced divers. You can take a night dive or short boat dive.

Shop St. Lucia – St. Lucia is known for artwork, baskets, clay pottery, clothing, household items, silk-screened fabrics, straw hats, and wood carving. You can also buy coffee, flavorings, sauces, and spices.

Nightlife – Most of the resorts on St. Lucia offer entertainment – calypso singers, island music, or steel bands. During the high season (and a few nights in the low season), there may be staff/guest talent shows, disco, or karaoke. You can always head to Rodney Bay Village as there are many bars and restaurants that attract people almost every night.

Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens and Mineral Bath – To end your day, visit the exquisite Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens and Mineral Bath. This tranquil site is part of the Soufrière Estate, a 2,000-acre grant bestowed by King Louis XIV in 1713 to the Devaux brothers for their service to France. Vibrant flowers, bushes, and shrubs line the pathways. Water comes to the surface from underground sulfur springs and flows downhill to become Diamond Waterfall.

Plan Your Vacation to Sensational St Lucia

St. Lucia inspires all types of travel, from family to honeymoon, adventure and well-being. Isn’t it time you’ve planned your St. Lucian vacation? Imagine arriving on the island. A breeze sweeps over you and wraps you in a gentle embrace. Not only do you feel the warmth of the sun, but the warmth of the friendly locals. You’re ready to leave behind your hectic, fast-paced life. Picture diving into the gentle waters and snorkeling amongst the bright colored fish. The next day, you soar high above the rain forest on a zip line. Doesn’t this sound perfect? Contact your Travel Planners International agent today and discuss your travel to St. Lucia.

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