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Best Places to View Aurora Borealis

AuroraAurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon that lights up the sky in the northern hemisphere. It is caused by the collision of solar wind and a high altitude atmosphere, which means that there are only a few select spots around the globe where you can really see the illuminating display at its best.

Pictures of this stunning light display simply don’t do it justice, so intrepid travelers might want to plan a getaway to one of the following spots where the views of Aurora Borealis are best.

Tromsø, Norway

In the northernmost part of Norway, more than 350 miles above the Arctic Circle, is the city of Tromsø. Since the sun is up for much of the summer, the best times of year to see Aurora Borealis include fall, spring and winter.

Top attractions outside of the stunning sky are the 19th century Mack Brewery, the Kongeparken Royal Park, the breathtaking Arctic Cathedral and the Polar Museum.

To see the Northern Lights from a unique perspective, pass through Tromsø on one of the Hurtigruten steam ships that run along the Norwegian coastline.

Jokulsarlon, Iceland

Dog sledWith a location in Iceland and a name that literally translates to glacier lagoon, it should come as no surprise that Jökulsárlón is a chilly destination.

However, its location in the Arctic Circle means that Aurora Borealis will light up the night sky almost every evening.

As a bonus, you can even take a boat trip onto the lagoon for a night tour or make the drive to the hot springs of Landmannalaugar, which make a pleasant contrast to the cold climate.

Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

The settlement of Kangerlussuaq was once a United States military base, which means that it has the infrastructure for travelers that many similar spots in Greenland simply don’t.

If you want to enjoy an amazing Arctic adventure complete with dog-sledding, watching the Northern Lights and admiring the stunning landscape, then Kangerlussuaq is the ideal spot.

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Dog-sledding expeditions can be quick journeys to cross the event off your bucket list, or you can go on longer trips to spot musk ox and reindeer in their natural habitats. You might also want to hike the Greenland ice sheet or play a round of golf on the northernmost course on the entire planet.

Abisko, Sweden

Abisko Ice Hotel One of the biggest challenges that budding astronomers face when traveling to see Aurora Borealis is clouds, which can lessen the dramatic look of the Northern Lights.

Fortunately, places like Abisko, in Sweden, are relatively free from cloud cover thanks to a combination of mountainous terrain and wind.

The chairlift gives you access to stunning views during the day, and your nights can be spent admiring the sky’s illumination or cuddling up in one of the world’s few ice hotels.

Yellowknife, Canada

If you want to enjoy views of the Northern Lights without leaving North America, Yellowknife in the perfect spot. Located in the Northwest Territories, Yellowknife is an adventure capital full of opportunities for dog-sledding, snowmobiling, hiking and cross-country skiing.

In the evenings, make the drive to the Aurora Village where you can see the brilliant lights in the sky without the competing city lights interfering. Wrap up, because winter temperatures here can be chilling.

The very best independent travel agents know that creating unforgettable vacations means thinking outside of the box. These incredible destinations provide new adventure as well as a chance to see Aurora Borealis in the night sky.


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