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Booking Weddings at Luxury Resorts: A Win-Win for Clients and Travel Agents

weddingIndependent travel agents can earn impressive amounts of income via the commission they receive each time they book a person on a cruise, flight or entire vacation package. The more money that a person spends on their getaway, the greater the commission will typically be for the travel agent.

While there are several ways to increase commissions and bring in greater income, there is no question that booking group getaways, such as destination weddings, can offer serious earning potential for independent travel agents from around the world.

Benefits of Booking Group Travel for the Agent

As an independent travel agent, booking group travel is ideal. A luxury resort wedding, for example, can be an incredible way to earn a substantial amount of commission in a single transaction. Although you will certainly have to research the best options and provide choices to the bride, groom and their wedding party, you will typically be rewarded by being able to book multiple guests on the same flights.

Then, everyone stays in the same hotel or luxury resort. Weddings are a time when people are happy to splurge and indulge in the best travel accommodations, which translates into impressive commissions for you as an agent. Finally, keep in mind that booking groups can be a big time-saver compared to booking individual travelers all heading to different destinations on varying dates.

Types of Group Travel to Consider

couple_beach_vacationThere is little question that for independent travel agents, luxury weddings are an incredible opportunity. However, all kinds of group travel have the potential to be lucrative. For example, making yourself available to the attendees of a destination convention will put you in a great position to book multiple travelers to the same location, or you might want to serve as the contact person for a large company.

Every time their staff needs to travel for business, they can arrange flights, accommodation and even entertainment through you. Even family vacations, especially those that are all-inclusive, to a theme park or on a cruise, can be a home run for an independent travel agent.

Why Wedding Parties Book Vacation Packages Together

Although group travel booking is certainly beneficial for the agent, it also brings numerous benefits to the travelers. Working with a single travel agent means that the group can be on the same flight, stay in the same floor of the hotel and have a single person to contact in the event that something goes wrong.

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People appreciate the simplicity of paying for a vacation package at once and knowing that they will be surrounded by friends and family the entire time.

Attracting and Retaining Business Travel Contacts

couple_beachJust like wedding guests, large businesses appreciate the ease of booking all of their travel through a single experienced agent. However, finding and maintaining relationships with these corporations and small businesses is not always easy.

Be sure to market yourself and your services to the right demographic in order to make the biggest impact. Fortunately, having the backing of Travel Planners International as a host agency can give you insight and resources for meeting and even exceeding the needs of these business contacts.

Working as an independent travel agent can become lucrative when agents are able to book group vacations, weddings and corporate travel. Click here for more on establishing a relationship with a host agency.


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