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Choose the Cayman Islands for World-Class Tropical Beach Vacations

Funjet VacationsAlthough a vacation can be anything from a luxury cruise at sea to camping in the desert, there is no question that a beautiful beach is often a number one pick for travelers.

As an independent travel agent, you will have the opportunity to help clients choose the ultimate destination for tropical beach vacations, and you won’t have any shortage of choices to select from.

For a stunning, inviting and world-class getaway, consider the Cayman Islands.

Seven Mile Beach: One of the Top Beaches on the Planet

If you want a beach vacation or if your clients are searching for a picture-perfect coastline, there is no argument: Seven Mile Beach is the answer. Although technically just a little longer than five miles in length, Seven Mile Beach is arguably the world’s most beautiful shoreline.

Located on Grand Cayman Island, the beach boasts pure white sand, lots of room to spread out, refreshing Caribbean waves and unparalleled splendor.

Funjet VacationsWhether your version of the perfect vacation includes relaxing in a reclined position, cocktail in hand, chasing after a few children or participating in a sandcastle building competition, this is the beach for you.

Seven Mile Beach has been awarded the honor of top Caribbean beach for many years, and it offers hotels, resorts, bed and breakfasts, nightclubs and eateries within walking distance. Many travelers who set off for Grand Cayman find that they never even have the need to leave the almost six-mile stretch of sandy beach during their stay.

Stingray City: An Adrenaline Rush You Won’t Ever Forget

While relaxing on Seven Mile Beach can be the ultimate way to unwind for some, others may be ready to pump up the adrenaline with some exciting adventures.

Fortunately for the adventurous minded, Stingray City, located on Grand Cayman, is one of the perfect ways to do just that. Whether on a guided snorkeling tour or with your own gear, you can get up close and personal with rays in the aptly named Stingray City. Don’t forget a waterproof camera because this is the place where you will be able to capture breathtaking photos of your encounter.

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Just next to Stingray City is Dolphin Discovery, where you can keep the marine life momentum going with a chance to swim alongside dolphins in their natural habitats.

Little Cayman: Secluded Paradise

Although Grand Cayman is by far the most popular destination in the Cayman Islands, Little Cayman can be a wonderful alternative for those in search of seclusion, world-class diving or romance.

Just 10 miles long and less than a mile in width, Little Cayman isn’t the place to go for nightlife or shopping. However, it boasts a UNESCO-designated nature reserve ideal for bird watching, access to an uninhabited island, more than 50 different scuba diving sites around the island and plenty of laid-back seafood restaurants where you can dine with your toes in the sand.

Travel Agents: Finding the Perfect Beach Vacations

As an independent travel agent, you have the ability to work from any location. While this career certainly has countless perks, it also brings with it the responsibility of ensuring your clients have fantastic vacations.

Thankfully, working with a host agency means you have the resources you need to plan world-class tropical vacations.

The Cayman Islands, and Seven Mile Beach in particular, are an amazing choice for a topical beach vacation. Travel agents can choose from this spot and countless others when meeting the needs of their clients.

Photos Courtesy of    Funjet Vacations

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