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Cruise Exciting Cities on the Baltic Sea

Stockholm City HallOne of the hidden gems of the cruising world is the Baltic Sea. Although routes to warm weather destinations like Mexico and Hawaii might be the most popular, it is cruises to the Baltic Sea that offer the chance to soak up incredible culture and navigate through unbeatable scenery.

From Sweden to Poland and everywhere in between, get to know some of the most exciting city destinations to include in your itinerary when cruising through the Baltic Sea.

Stockholm, Sweden

One of the most incredible destinations to visit on a Baltic Sea cruise is Stockholm, which serves as the capital of Sweden as well as the nation’s largest city.

Stockholm’s Old Town, or Gamla Stan, boasts historic architecture and must-see landmarks like the Royal Palace, the Vasa Museum, the Stockholm Cathedral and the Nobel Prize Museum.

Thanks to the late sunsets each summer, Stockholm is an exciting place to be between May and October, when residents gather outside until nearly midnight and enjoy drinks and scenery in great company.

As a city chock full of waterways, Stockholm is the ideal port destination for a Baltic Sea cruise that offers countless attractions, shops and authentic Swedish restaurants.

Gdansk, Poland

Gdansk PolandLocated in Northern Poland, Gdansk has a rich history stretching back for more than 1,000 years. The heart of the city, called the Śródmieście, is where visitors will find attractions and landmarks like the Long Lane, popular since the Middle Ages, the Neptune Fountain, the 16th century Green Gate and the magnificent Old Town Hall.

Gdansk is also home to several beautiful religious structures like the Royal Chapel, St. Mary’s Church and the 14th century St. John’s Church. Of course, no stop in Gdansk would be complete without visiting Stogi Beach. While beautiful, Stogi Beach’s pristine coastline is often too chilly for swimming but just right for a stroll along the gorgeous white sand.

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Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki CathedralKnown as the Daughter of the Baltic and now the capital city of Finland, Helsinki is a classically beautiful and architecturally interesting destination to explore while on a Baltic Sea cruise vacation.

The symbol of Helsinki recognized around the world is the Lutheran Cathedral, or Tuomiokirkko. Other notable historic landmarks and building include the Church in the Rock and the Suomenlinna, which is the greatest sea fortress in the Baltic and is open for daily ferry tours for visitors.

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallin EstoniaTallinn, the capital city of Estonia, is just 70 miles away from Helsinki, making it the natural next stop on a cruise throughout the Baltic Sea. Due in large part of the historic city being incredibly well preserved, Tallinn was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

In the Old City, don’t miss the breathtaking views from Toompea Hill, the Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral or the Ex-KGB Headquarters that now serve as a museum. Other top ways to spend time in Tallinn include the 14th century neighborhood called the Kalamaja District or walking on the historic pier at Pikakari Beach.

For an unforgettable cruise vacation, head to the Baltic Sea and explore some of Europe’s most fascinating cities in Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Poland.

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