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Discover Eco-Smart Cruising With Norwegian Cruise Lines

Norwegian Cruise LinesEnvironmentally conscious travelers will appreciate that the next time they plan a cruise on Norwegian Cruises Lines, they will be on an eco-smart cruise that focuses on environmental protection and energy efficiency.

Through passenger education, waste management, the NextEra Energy Resources’ EarthEra® Renewable Energy Trust, reduced emissions and more, eco-smart cruising is something exciting and memorable for passengers as well as positive for the environment.

Surpassing Governmental Regulations

Norwegian Cruise LinesOne of the ways that Norwegian Cruises Lines focuses on environmental stewardship through its cruises is by going above and often beyond what is necessitated by governmental regulation.

By researching and implementing new ways to reduce waste and increase efficiency onboard, Norwegian Cruises Lines has been above to meet or surpass those regulations set by the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, better known as MARPOL, as well as those in place from the U.S. Coast Guard, the Environmental Protection Agency and domestic as well as international ports across the globe.

Solid Waste and Water Management

One of the most significant ways that Norwegian has focused on eco-smart cruising is by paying special attention to its solid waste and water management.

New sorting and processing techniques on the ship have increased recycling by almost one third, and the only solid water released at sea is food waste that won’t have a negative impact on the environment in any way.

Even water goes through an advanced wastewater treatment system, ensuring that only clean water is ever released at sea.

Scrubber Installation on Norwegian Cruise Ships

Norwegian Cruise LinesScrubber systems are air pollution control devices that can remove particles from the output of the engines. Norwegian Cruise Lines is implementing a new type of scrubber system that focuses on individual engines rather than the entire system as a whole.

This revolutionary scrubber technology is already in place on some ships and will continue to be installed on other Norwegian ships in 2016 and beyond, a big investment that will go a long way in making cruising a more environmentally-friendly vacation style.

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Environmental Officers Aboard Every Ship

On every single cruise offered by Norwegian, a trained environmental officer will be on board. This job is one that focuses on limiting the negative impact of every cruise and overseeing the various programs and initiatives being used on each ship.

The environmental officers might also be tasked with training crew members, leading environmental stewardship courses or assessing the success of various green initiatives.

Environmental Trusts and Passenger Education

Norwegian Cruise LinesEco-smart cruises from Norwegian Cruises Lines go beyond the ships themselves. Onboard programs allow passengers to learn more about their environmental impact as well as what changes they can make.

Children and teens in Splash Academy can learn about beach cleanups, clean water and the value of pollution prevention. Passengers can also opt to donate to the NextEra Energy Resources’ EarthEra Renewable Energy Trust, which will fund renewable energy facilities located across North America.

Through solid waste management, new scrubber systems for the ship engines, environmental education, training officers and the idea of surpassing regulations, Norwegian Cruises Lines can offer eco-smart cruising for a vacation that you can feel good about.

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