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Explore America by Train

Premier Rail CollectionFor centuries, trains have been perhaps the most romanticized means of transport. History brings us countless stories of explorers touring the Chinese countryside by rail or nobility seeing Europe from the interior of a luxury train car.

While rail travel is not as widely used today in America, travelers with exceptional taste can still enjoy an unforgettable rail vacation through Pullman Rail Journeys.

Independent travel agents working with a host travel agency like Travel Planners International can enjoy a close relationship with partners like Pullman Rail Journeys, allowing them to entice customers and plan amazing vacations by train.

Journeys and Destinations

One of the most common questions that travelers have is where they can still enjoy luxury train travel in America. Routes are not widely available, which means that there are just a few exclusive spots where you can step back in time by rail.

Pullman Rail Journeys operates trips leaving from Chicago, Illinois and arriving in New Orleans, Louisiana.

This journey takes two full days to complete, but it provides passengers with a chance to see the best of the Midwest, the charm of the South and all the breathtaking American scenery along the way.

It is possible to ride the train in just one direction, with the option to fly back to the departure city, or guests can enjoy a round-trip journey with a few nights in either Chicago or New Orleans in between.

Dining and Entertainment on the Train

Premier Rail CollectionSome of the best memories that passengers gain when traveling by luxury rail are the ones made while mingling with other passengers in the lounge car or enjoying a romantic meal in the dining car.

You can ask to have a porter bring a room-service meal right to your accommodation, or you can head to the dining car for a lavish meal that might include blackened salmon, steak or even a breakfast spread of omelets and French toast.

Drinks, wines, beer and snacks can be served in the dining car, the club car, the lounge car or even in the observation car, which provides the best vantage points for admiring the scenery and taking photos of the landscape as the train chugs onward.

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Onboard Accommodation

Pullman Rail JourneysThere are three major choices for accommodation aboard a train like those operated by Pullman Rail Journeys: a roomette, a bedroom or a master bedroom.

The roomette is an economical choice for a single passenger who plans to spend most of their time exploring the train.

A bedroom is slightly more spacious and can fit either a single passenger or a couple.

A master bedroom is the premier option, and it includes seating, closets, full private bathrooms and even private showers.

Extras for the journey include push-button porter service, towels and linens upon request, window shades, wireless Internet access and shower facilities that are either shared or private depending on the passenger’s room choice.

Planning a Perfect Rail Vacation

Pullman rails: A detour back through timehost travel agency that is partnered with a rail travel provider can be the perfect way for an independent travel agent to get the right connections, incentives and prices for their customers.

Planning the perfect rail journey means knowing about the destinations, booking accommodation on both ends of the trip and providing information about attractions in places like Chicago and New Orleans.

Rail travel is a nostalgic, luxurious and exclusive way to travel. Exploring the American countryside by train can be one of the most incredible vacation options imaginable.

 Images courtesy of      Pullman Rail Journeys

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