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Explore Iceland and Its Amazing Hot Springs

icelandDespite its name conjuring up images of a barren, snowy landscape, the country of Iceland only has glaciers covering approximately one-tenth of its total surface area.

The rest of the island nation boasts vibrant places like the capital of Reykjavík, beautiful waterfalls, breathtaking mountain peaks and even natural geothermal hot spots that create hot water springs. Get cozy on your next European adventure and visit one or more of these incredible hot springs located in Iceland.

Blue Lagoon

Perhaps the most-visit hot spring in all of Iceland is the Blue Lagoon. Popular with tourists and locals alike, Blue Lagoon is a commercialized hot spring that combines the natural landscape with plenty of modern amenities.

The giant pools of water are fed from the Svartsengi geothermal plant, which has striking modern towers that dominate the horizon. The water itself is a perfect 100 degrees and is made up of brackish, slightly-salted water.

The steam rising from the water and the silica mud on the pool’s floor make this an ethereal place to unwind. After your time in the warm water, there are lockers, spa services, towel rentals and even a lounge for VIP visitors to make your entire experience relaxing and accommodating.


Hot SpringsAnother popular hot spring in Iceland is Reykjadalur, which is located less than an hour’s drive from the city of Reykjavik. What makes this spring so fabulous is that you have to work to get there, since the waters are only accessible by those willing to walk the hour from the village of Hveragerði.

You’ll walk along the edge of a gorge, admire stunning waterfalls and then be greeted with babbling, steamy water perfect for enjoying a relaxing dip on your own or with friends.

Mývatn Nature Baths

If the Blue Lagoon sounded appealing, but you would prefer an experience with far fewer crowds, then the Mývatn Nature Baths may be ideal. Found just outside the town of Reykjahlíð, these natural hot baths boasts blue water thanks to the rich mineral content within.

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Along with the chance to bathe in silence and watch the steam rise from the warm water, you can enjoy a traditional steam bath or even a meal at the conveniently located onsite cafeteria, which serves a range of inexpensive Scandinavian cuisine.


One of the most striking hot springs in Iceland is Landmannalaugar, which is found within the Fjallabak Nature Reserve. Landmannalaugar is unique because it is surrounded by mountains in a range of colors, a result of lava cooling slowly and a high percentage of rhyolite.

The area is also well known for its incredible hikes, which is the perfect way to prepare for a warming bath in the springs.


This hot spring in Iceland is found in a cave, and it has been featured on TV shows like Game of Thrones as well as in local lore. Truly stunning, the water in this particular spring is very hot, and travel agents recommending it should keep that in mind when planning trips to the area.

Each of these hot springs can be an incredibly memorable way to experience the warmth and scenery of Iceland.

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