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Here’s Some Great Advice I Got about River Cruising

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You may know someone who raves about river cruising, but you may have some questions about it, including:

• How large are the cabins?
• What’s included?
• Do you get time to explore cities on your own?

These are a few “frequently asked questions” I get from people who are a little apprehensive about cruising, but are curious and may one day dip their toes into river cruising. Let’s explore these FAQs.


Cabin sizes vary based on a river cruise company’s fleet of ships. Most try to keep the number of passengers small because it provides for a more intimate experience, which can give you more cabin space. Whatever stateroom you choose, you’ll be comfortable. And remember, you’ll spend most of your time exploring your destination.


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You won’t believe what’s included in your river cruise package, from food to excursions, you get a sweet deal. And don’t forget about the impeccable service. River cruise companies employ staffs who are highly trained. They’re friendly and knowledgeable and will exceed your expectations.


When it comes to river cruising, you get to explore cities with a seasoned tour guide and on your own. After all, it’s your vacation, and you should have as many memorable experiences as possible. Just imagine seeing historical highlights, but then going off the beaten path and discovering hidden gems that aren’t found within the pages of a guidebook.

Are You Ready to take a River Cruise?

Picture yourself sailing down the Danube and Rhine Rivers in Europe. Or maybe you’ll explore the landmarks and landscapes of China. Imagine walking along the Great Wall and through Beijing’s old hutong neighborhoods. Or how about seeing the famous life-like statues of Xian’s Terra Cotta Army? I recommend sailing with Viking River Cruises because they give you more ships, destinations, and flexibility. See more, do more. Enjoy the convenience of river cruising!

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