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How to Plan Your Family Vacation

Learn how to plan a family holiday vacation from TPI.Maybe this has happened to you.

You’re working or sitting in your favorite chair at home when it hits you – you have not planned your family holiday vacation.

You imagine where your family would like to spend the holidays – a destination that will please everyone. You consider previous vacations and the ones your friends and co-workers shared with you. You think about the types of clothing you have to pack. And then there’s shopping for travel items that will fit comfortably into suitcases and carry-on luggage.

All of a sudden panic sets in and your palms begin to sweat – you feel as if a weight is sitting on your chest. And you don’t know what to do. Take a breath and read on to learn how to plan a family holiday vacation. It may be easier than you expect.

10 Tips That’ll Help You Plan a Holiday Family Vacation

Create and Stick to a Budget

Family on vacationA budget can prevent you from overspending on entertainment and souvenirs. Make a list and highlight priorities such as accommodations, food, gas (if you travel by car), medicines, and other things your family may need.

Travel at a Specific Time

Make sure you can get time off for your family travel. The sooner you decide when you want to go on vacation the better. You don’t want to be in a situation where you may not be able to get the time off you need.

Choose a Destination for Everyone

You may prefer a Mediterranean vacation. Your kids may want to visit the happiest place on earth: Disney World. Your husband/partner may want an all-inclusive family resort vacation. Now what do you do? You have a family meeting and decide where you want to go. Keep an open mind and choose a vacation that works for everyone.

To Fly or Drive or Both

Depending on where your family travels for the holidays, you may want to fly or drive. Flying is quicker. But a road trip could be a great way to strengthen your family bound. Keep in mind the ages of your children and if this will be their first time flying or taking a road trip. You may combine the two by flying to your destination and then renting a car.

Decide How Long You’ll Travel

How much will your family vacation cost? It depends on the length of time and destination. Also, consider that you have work and your kids have school. You may be able to take a five day, two week, or a month long family vacation. Each family’s situation varies and so will vacation time.

Get Traveler’s Insurance

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Girl on vacationTraveler’s insurance costs a few dollars a day and can be a life saver, literally. Not only does it give you and your family medical protection, but it covers your camera when it breaks, flight cancellations, theft, and death of a family for which you need to return home.

Obtain Travel Documents

Traveling out of the country requires you to get the proper travel documents such as passports and VISAs. Purchase rail passes for Europe before you leave home. Keep in mind that renting a car in Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, and Spain requires an International Driving Permit.

Call Credit Card Companies

Not only do you need to call your credit card companies to let them know you’re traveling to another country, but you may need new cards because most European countries require chip-enabled cards with PIN numbers. You may consider travelers checks and cash.

Think about Accommodations

Hotels, motels, resorts, rental properties, oh my! Where do you want to stay? Think about what is best for your family. Will they be happier in a hotel or resort environment? Consider that these types of accommodations may have more activities for kids along with services such as babysitting.

Create a Packing List

To make sure you bring everything you need for your family vacation, create a packing list. You may include clothing and footwear, medicines (fill before you leave), electronics, books, toiletries, emergency kit, and whatever else you’ll need.

Where Will Your Family Travel?

Instead of being overwhelmed with planning your family holiday vacation, you look forward to speaking with a Travel Planners International travel agent about your next trip. You’re excited to speak with him or her about your ideas and imagine you and your family traveling to Athens or Santorini, Greece. Maybe you visit an ancient Greek temple and consider what it must have been like to raise a family without any modern conveniences. You gain more appreciation for the latest technologies.

Planning a family holiday travel isn’t impossible. You’ve got the tips – now all you have to do is choose your next vacation.

Amandah Blackwell by Amandah T. Blackwell, Savvy-Writer




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