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Iceland Off the Beaten Path: Top Secret Places

As a lover of travel, I embrace everything from sophisticated to weird. It’s why I like Iceland! It’s a quirky country that’s not only home to Björk (remember the swan dress she wore at the 73rd Academy Awards on March 25, 2001), but it has secret and unknown places. Read on to learn what they are.

Sea Monster Museum in Bíldudalur, West Fjords

You’re familiar with Scotland’s Loch Ness Monster (Nessie), right? Well, Iceland has its own version – the skeljaskrímsli (“shell monster”). Housed in a converted fish factory, the Sea Monster Museum (Skrímslasetur) displays eye-witness accounts from fisherman who claim to have spotted the serpent-like creature. Hmm…Sounds a lot like Nessie. Maybe it’s her cousin!


Do you love waterfalls? If so, you’ll want to see Gljúfrafoss, a waterfall tucked away in a cave that’s concealed behind the face of a cliff. It has sculpted a mossy cylindrical chamber – you can reach it via a slim crack outside the cliff wall. Once you’re through the crack, you’ll be in awe of Gljúfrafoss’s beauty.

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Grótta in Reykjavík

The Grótta is a Reykjavík hidden gem. It’s located in the west part of the city (in Seltjarnarnes, near one of the huts by the sea) and has a rich birdlife. It’s also one of the best areas to watch the sun set as it
gleams over Faxaflói bay. If your feet are sore from a day of exploring Iceland, dip them in the hot, man-made pool you’ll find amongst the rocks.

Are You Tired of Boring Travel Experiences? Go Off the Beaten Path in Iceland

Visit Iceland and you may think you’re on another planet because the landscape doesn’t seem of this world. Likewise, the architecture and weather are offbeat. Add to these the acceptance of nudity, and you have a recipe for an interesting travel experience. By the way, I recommend taking a guided tour with Globus. Their guides are amazing and you’ll have fun exploring Iceland.

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