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In Search of Paradise on Earth

French PolynesiaMany travelers seek out independent travel agents, and specifically those working with host agencies, because they have insights into the best destinations on earth. If you have clients who want exceptional beauty and a true paradise destination, then the following spots are all worthy of a recommendation.

Cocoa Island, Maldives

In the heart of the Indian Ocean you’ll find the Maldives, an archipelago that is made up of almost 2,000 different islands. This part of the world boasts blue waters, warm weather and seclusion that is unparalleled.

One of the best islands is Cocoa Island, accessible only by boat and home to little more than a few upscale restaurants, a single resort and exceptional staff who cater to the every whim of guests.

Cousine Island, Seychelles

Also located in the Indian Ocean is the Seychelles, a collection of more than 100 islands that is close to the African coastline.

The entire island of Cousine in the Seychelles is a nature preserve, which means that it is completely undeveloped and serves as the ideal place to bird-watch. Access is only available during the week, so many travelers stay overnight on the nearby island of Praslin.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

One of the Society Islands located in the heart of French Polynesia, Bora Bora is an idyllic escape preferred by honeymooning couples the world over.

Many of the island’s resorts are made up of over-water bungalows, which means that guests get private access to the Pacific as well as incredible views right from their rooms. The lagoon of Bora Bora is calm and peaceful, making it a fantastic place for snorkeling, swimming or scuba diving.

Mamanuca Island Group, Fiji

FijiThe Melanesian country of Fiji is another South Pacific favorite that is made up of over 300 islands. Some of the most secluded and scenic vistas are found in the west in the Mamanuca Island Group.

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Less busy than many other Pacific resorts, the Mamanuca boast gorgeous white sand beaches, exceptional resorts, upscale amenities, beachfront dining and opportunities for private boat tours at sunset, scuba lessons in pristine and protected reefs and some of the most amazing sunsets anywhere on earth.

Tonga, South Pacific Ocean

Also known as the Friendly Islands, Tonga is a top pick for those in search of idyllic beaches and perfect weather. While the main island of Tongatapu is home to the capital and much of the island nation’s population, it is nearby ‘Eua that’s especially worth a visit.

Complete with seaside cliffs, lush rainforest and wild horses, travelers will only have a few accommodation choices, each with just a handful of rooms. This guarantees a more traditional and secluded experience, but it’s just an eight-minute flight from the Tongan capital.

Tahiti, French Polynesia

No list of paradise-like vacation spots would be complete without mention of Tahiti. Imagine pristine beaches, stunning mountain ranges on the horizon, lush green landscapes, local markets and upscale accommodation.

Pick one of the beachfront resorts, and you’ll have everything from five-star cuisine to attentive staff who plan boat tours right at your disposal.

Planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip isn’t always easy, even for a seasoned travel agent. Thankfully, the right tips and resources from host agencies like Travel Planners International can make it easy to learn about the world’s best destinations and what they can offer your clients.


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