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Introducing AmaWaterways: An Award-Winning River Cruise Operator

AmaWaterways was founded in 2002 by Rudi Schreiner, a river cruising pioneer, Kristin Karst, sales and customer service expert and Jimmy Murphy, founder and former owner of Brendan Vacations. They combined their experience, knowledge and dedication to AmaWaterways and grew it into an award-winning river cruise operator. With more than 20 itineraries to choose from, you and your family can have a river cruise vacation of a lifetime. Can you see yourself standing on your stateroom balcony watching the natural and colorful scenery unfold as your ship glides down the waterway? Once your ship docks, you and your family can go ashore and participate in a variety of excursions. Sound good? We think it does! Read on to learn more about AmaWaterways and start thinking about your river cruise vacation.

Who is AmaWaterways?

AmaWaterways is an award-winning river cruise operator that guides you around the world. They have a rapidly growing fleet of custom-designed ships and a reputation as a leader in river cruising. With a variety of river cruises to choose from, you can have a unique vacation or honeymoon. For example, a wine river cruise offers you the opportunity to see the wine regions along Europe’s Dordogne, Danube, Douro, Mosel, Rhine, Rhone, Main, and Seine Rivers. Your sailing is hosted by a top wine expert and features lectures, wine tastings, exceptional cuisine paired with regional wines, excursions to historic vineyards and wine cellars, and much more. Are you a wine connoisseur? A wine river cruise is perfect for you!

Families who want a different type of vacation can do so with AmaWaterways through their partnership with Adventures by Disney. These 7-night all-inclusive river cruise vacations are a new and fun way for families to travel. Imagine sailing down the Danube and then disembarking and touring a city. Local experts along with adventure guides (cast members) add to the experience through storytelling – you’ll see the world through the eyes of historical figures and become immersed within their stories.

When you travel with AmaWaterways, you get an intimate onboard setting – the capacity is capped to no more than 164 passengers. You’ll enjoy state-of-the-art public areas that have comfortable lounges, cozy libraries, and more. You’ll also like the diverse schedule of nightly onboard entertainment. Lastly, you’ll delight in a dining experience that is sophisticated and stylish. Expert chefs create delectable cuisines that highlight a region’s cultures and traditions.

At AmaWaterways, everything is done with love. When you step aboard your ship, you’ll be met by a courteous crew, including a cruise manager who has a positive personality. When you meet and get to know your fellow passengers, you may consider many of them friends by the end of your voyage. When you travel with AmaWaterways, you become a part of the family. You’ll feel at home as you cruise some of the world’s best waterways.

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Are You Ready to Take a River Cruise Vacation with AmaWaterways?

Family owned and operated, AmaWaterways guides you around the world. Imagine you and your family taking The Legendary Danube European River Cruise. You arrive in Prague and enjoy touring the city before arriving at the 1,000-year-old Prague Castle. From Prague you travel to Nuremberg where you board your ship, the AmaDante. As your ship glides down the Danube River, the beautiful scenery unfolds and slowly drifts past.

Keep in mind that a vacation isn’t only about where you go, but what you experience. You’ll never have to wait in a long line to board an AmaWaterways ship or exit. Smaller tours and intimate meal settings create a warm, personal atmosphere with five-star service. Plus, your inclusive river cruise vacation provides value that you may not get elsewhere. From free internet access to included sightseeing excursions, you can enjoy a different travel experience without the price tag adding up.

Don’t take your usual family vacation when you can enjoy supreme comfort and convenience on a fine ship. Once you unpack and settle in, you and your family can sit back and relax and watch as each destination is brought to you. Can you see the castles and fortresses? It’s as if you could reach out and touch them. Contact your travel agent and book your river cruise with AmaWaterways now. Your peaceful and scenic family vacation is waiting for you.

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