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Need a Vacation? Visit Santorini Greece

Oia, SantoriniYour precious vacation time. You know you want to visit some place different because you’re tired of the same old, same old travel experience. You contemplate travel day and night but can’t seem to imagine where to go. And when you think you have it figured it out, you’re not excited. It’s enough to send you into a travel funk and ruin the love you have for travel.

Think you need to spend thousands of hours stressing about your vacation? No, you don’t.

The solution is a lot easier than you expect. Visit Santorini (or Thíra) (Thera in English), the precious jewel of the Aegean Sea. Really, it’s a group of islands made up of Thíra, Thirassiá, Asproníssi, Palea and Nea Kaméni in the southernmost part of the Cyclades.

The two main sources of Santorini are tourism and wine production. The latter is due to the unique volcanic soil. The island is also known for its sweet cherry tomatoes. Are you starting to see why it’s the perfect vacation destination? Read on to discover the beauty of Santorini, Greece. After you’ve finished, you’ll immediately call your Travel Planners International to plan your Greek vacation.

Travelers Flock to Santorini Greece

To get around Santorini, rent a scooter or ATV because these are the fastest and more scenic ways to explore the area. Another option is to hire a guide to show you around. Of course, you can always rent a car, hail a taxi or take the local bus system

Start your Santorini vacation in Fira, the capital and cultural and commercial center. It’s situated on a high cliff with amazing panoramic views. You’ll find beautiful scenery, cultural events, dining, and shopping opportunities along with a few museums.

Next you’ll want to explore Oia. Also known from its scenery, it’s located at the Northern tip of the island. Here you can ride a donkey among the white buildings and blue church domes. This is another great place to shop, and we’re not talking about plastic cheap souvenirs but quality products: clothes, jewelry, art, shoes, and all the marble/alabaster items Greece is known for. There are plenty of beautiful roof top restaurant bars in Oia that offer an amazing view of the island group where you can sit down and quench your thirst with a local beer in the ocean breeze before the glittering sea.

Santorini Sights to See and Visit

Perissa Beach, SantoriniSantorini is not a place with fine white sandy beaches, but there are plenty of waters sports and activities and beach life to soak up. For instance, Perissa is 15 km southeast of Fira and features black sand and crystalline waters. Mesa Vouno rises from the sea and is the main attraction. You’ll find Perissa beach lined with restaurants that are open to the beach where you can rent their parasol/beach chairs for about 5 euros. The restaurants are extra cozy at night when the music may determine your preference as music can be heard everywhere.

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Akrotiri, SantoriniIf you’re a history lover, visit the ancient excavation in Akrotiri. The town was first settled mid-5th millennia BCE. Yes – it’s almost 7,000 years old! Most of the buildings and artifacts are from its latest period of Bronze Age Minoan that ended in 1627 BCE when a volcanic eruption buried the city. The entire town is under roof and there are walkways crisscrossing the site.

Museum lovers will enjoy a visit to the Museum of Prehistoric Thira in the town of Fira. It is here that  many artifacts and frescoes are kept from the Akrotiri excavation such as plaster casts of furniture, bronze vessels, tools and weapons, and objects of metalworking.

Paradise Awaits You in Santorini Greece

Santorini on an ATVImagine yourself in Santorini with your family or friends. You rent red scooters and explore Fira, the capital. You attempt to speak Greek – the locals appreciate your effort. At night, you eat in Fira at Argo Restaurant – a great choice for those who are eco-conscious, as the restaurant features an environmentally friendly kitchen. You start with fresh mussels in garlic sauce, followed by a Santorini salad. You dine on lamb shank (cooked slowly with a mild spicy sauce). Dessert is traditional Baklavas. Sound incredible? You’re one step away from paradise. Contact a Travel Planners
International travel agent and plan your sensational trip to Santorini today.

Amandah Blackwell by Amandah T. Blackwell, Savvy-Writer




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