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Norwegian Cruise to Cuba: Explore the Soul of the Country

¡Hóla! I’m practicing the Spanish language that’s spoken in Cuba. Did you know that it’s a Caribbean dialect that shares many characteristics with Dominican and Puerto Rican Spanish? Other languages spoken include Haitian Creole, Catalan, and much more. Anyway…If you’d like to visit Cuba, consider taking a cruise because it’s a super fun way to explore the country. Keep reading to learn more.

Cuba has a larger-than-life culture, from historical attractions to rhythmic music that makes you want to move and groove to your own beat. Imagine strolling through the scenic esplanade Malecón where you get lost in Old Havana’s Baroque style and colonial cobblestone streets. Watch your step!

If you love classic cars, you’ll love the variety of vehicles that cruise the wide boulevards. You could stop and chat with a local auto aficionado and have an in-depth discussion about the inner workings of a 1956 Cadillac!

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Do you enjoy cigars? You can learn the secret of the famed Cuban cigar. Or perhaps you’d like to see and explore the 16th-century fort, Castillo De Los Tres Reyes Del Morro, overlooking the entrance to Havana Bay. Maybe you’re an art or food lover. You can immerse yourself in Cuban artistic masterpieces, from paintings to delicious cuisine. Finally, if you like board games, you can enjoy a friendly game of dominoes with the locals.

Are You Ready to Cruise to Cuba?

Imagine colorful clothes swirling around you as dancers move to the beat of salsa. Drink a smooth
daiquiri at Ernest Hemingway’s favorite place, El Floridita. See the Flora and Fauna of Soroa – considered a typical rural Cuban area – enjoy the natural beauty. Or listen to a smooth jazz band. You can experience this and more when you take a cruise to Cuba. I recommend Norwegian Cruise Line because it’s more than a vacation – it’s a cultural journey!

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