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Pack Your Bags for a Vacation to Bora Bora!

Bora BoraIf you’re an independent travel agent, you know that beach destinations are some of the most popular picks for vacations. Whether your clients are a family ready to soak up the sun during the summer or a couple searching for the perfect spot for a romantic honeymoon, beautiful beaches are often ideal. When you want to recommend a place a little off the beaten track and reserved for the most discerning of travelers, consider the French Polynesia island of Bora Bora.

Getting to Bora Bora

One of the things that makes Bora Bora such an exclusive destination is its location in the heart of French Polynesia. Situated in the South Pacific Ocean halfway between Australia and South America, the tiny island is surrounded by an expanse of ocean in every direction. However, Air Tahiti operates daily flights to Bora Bora.

Flights depart from nearby French Polynesia destinations like Moorea, Papeete and Hauhine. Once in Bora Bora, most visitors get around easily by walking, by using a rented bicycle, by using complimentary hotel shuttles or by using the affordable ferries that go to the smaller resort motus, or islands, located away from the main Bora Bora island.

Top Things to Do in Bora Bora

For many travelers in Bora Bora, and for romantic couples in particular, the best thing to do on the island is simply relax. The resorts are almost all incredibly luxurious, allowing guests to unwind in pristine environments.

Spending a day walking along a deserted beach, sipping a fresh cocktail, dining on incredible seafood and watching the palm fronds blow in the breeze can be the ultimate way to spend a chilled-out day in Bora Bora.

However, those eager for more certainly have plenty of choices available to them. Popular pastimes for visitors to Bora Bora include snorkeling from Matira Beach, scuba diving in the reef that surrounds the lagoon, renting a jetski for a serious rush or watching the sunset from a private yacht.

On land, you can also explore the lush greenery by going on a guided 4×4 tour, hiking trails to the top of Mt. Pahia or shopping for unique island gifts and stunning black pearl jewelry.

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Tips for Travelers

Bora-BoraIndependent travel agents can set themselves apart from other professionals in their industry by giving clients that extra information to make a trip a true success. If you have clients who are heading to Bora Bora, be sure to recommend that they visit between May and October.

While the weather is warm-year round, these months are the dry season when there is virtually no rainfall to disrupt your plans. Travelers who are interested in the vibrant underwater life of Bora Bora, but who don’t want to snorkel or dive, should consider visiting the Bora Bora Lagoonarium. While this attraction allows for divers and snorkelers, there is also the option of taking a submarine below the surface so that passengers can submerge themselves in the exciting marine life that this Polynesian island offers.

Bora Bora is known as the island so nice, it was named twice. While the name really comes from a Tahitian word, the sentiment is certainly true, and the island is a fantastic spot for an unforgettable tropical getaway.

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