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Plan a Trip to the Masquerade Games in Pernik, Bulgaria

Pernik, BulgariaOne of the biggest challenges in the travel industry is not finding crowd-pleasing locations but finding those smaller, unique and unexpected trips for hard-to-please clients. Whether you are searching for an unforgettable trip for a solo traveler who has already visited the major European cities or you need a family getaway that goes beyond the traditional beach hotspots, consider recommending the Masquerade Games held in Pernik, Bulgaria.

What are the Masquerade Games?

Every two years, an incredible festival in held in January. More than 5,000 talented performers from throughout Bulgaria as well as the rest of Europe gather in the city of Pernik to share the traditions of their ancestors.

Pernik, BulgariaThe rituals and rites of masquerading began when Thracians honored their god Dionysus by dancing for him while wearing a range of identity-hiding costumes and masks.

Today, people come from around the world to participate and to watch the incredible variety of cultures and traditions on display. Along with costumes, the Masquerade Games are filled with music, the ringing of bells and rattles used by onlookers to chase away evil and bring in goodness and light.

While the tradition is ancient, it turns the modern Bulgarian city of Pernik into a gathering of all colors, tribes, peoples and cultures. Unlike any other experience on Earth, the Masquerade Games, also called the International Kukeri Festival, will be a delight to behold and an event that onlookers won’t ever be able to forget.

What Else Can Visitors Do in Pernik?

Pernik, BulgariaThe Masquerade Games typically last for three full days, and it is easy to fill your itinerary with events related to the event during that time. However, there is also a lot to see, do and explore throughout the city of Pernik and the surrounding region.

For amazing scenery, one of the most popular pastimes is simply to stroll along the banks of the Struma River, which neatly divides the city of Pernik into two halves.

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Sports enthusiasts may want to catch a local soccer game played by the Minyor Pernik football team, which has nearly universal support throughout the city.

Other major attractions to include in your tour of Pernik include walking through the ruins of the medieval fortress of Krakra, admiring the stunning architecture of the Palace of Culture and seeing the statue of the Saint Ivan Rilski.

The Cultural Appeal of Bulgaria

BulgariaThe very first Bulgarian state was formed in the 7th century, which means that there is a rich history and heritage present throughout the nation.

Travelers should explore that cultural richness by learning a few letters of the Cyrillic alphabet and trying out the local cuisine, a blend of Russian, Greek and Serbian fare. Be sure not to miss kavarma, a warming beef and tomato dish that is perfect for chilly days in Bulgaria.

The Masquerade Games are an incredible event that you have to see to believe, but they are also included on the list of UNESCO’s cultural heritage traditions. Clearly, the experience is a worthwhile addition to your next trip to Eastern Europe.

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