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Plan An Adventurous Cabo San Lucas Vacation

Mexico is an incredible vacation destination thanks in large part to its endless sunshine, gorgeous beaches and vibrant culture. While there are plenty of great hotspots worth a visit, one of the top picks is Cabo San Lucas, better known to many as simply Cabo.

Rest assured, however, that this is more than just a haven for college kids on spring break. Experienced travel agents know that Cabo San Lucas is home to incredible terrain and scenery, a charming town center and unending outdoor recreation, all of which combine to make it a great place for a getaway.

Whale Watching in Winter

Most people associate Cabo San Lucas with beaches and summer, but it can actually be an amazing place to visit during the winter. From January through March, the temperatures hover in the 60s most days, and constant sunshine makes it ideal for outdoor activity.

The real highlight during these months is the opportunity for watching whales off the coast. Visitors can join a guided boat tour right from the beach that takes passengers to see the whales as they migrate each winter. Spotting whales is an unforgettable adventure that is just as exciting for adults as it is for children and teens.

Gorgeous Terrain and Opportunities for Photographers

Carnival Cruise LinesAlong with sandy stretches of beach dotted with sun worshipers, Cabo boasts some unique terrain and a variety of natural landmarks that make it an interesting destination, particularly for photographers.

At Land’s End, for example, you’ll have an amazing vantage point of the coast as well as of the sea, and you can spot several rock formations below. Nearby, there is an eroded rock archway called the Arch of Poseidon, which is accessible via a short walk on the beautiful Lover’s Beach. To take some wonderful photos of the local wildlife, look for sea lions catching the sun on the twin rock islets of Los Frailes.

Thrilling Adventures and Sporting Opportunities

There is a lot more to Cabo than just relaxing by the pool with a cocktail in hand. This destination is the ultimate place to get active and experience a thrill thanks to a long list of outdoor recreation opportunities.

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Scuba diving is a popular hobby, and the warm water temperatures and underwater shipwrecks make it possible year-round. You might also rent a jet-ski for the afternoon, take a surfing lesson, go snorkeling right from the beach or try kayaking to spot the rock formations mentioned above. Further inland, visitors can set off on an ATV tour to soak up the lush greenery and wildlife in the area.

Traditional Cuisine and a Wild Nightlife

Because Cabo San Lucas is in the heart of Mexico, visitors will be treated to plenty of authentic Mexican cuisine.

Along with cantinas serving fresh seafood and Mexican favorites within view of the Pacific Ocean, you can enjoy a diverse array of culinary offerings from around the world.

After a delicious French, Mediterranean or even Japanese dinner, be sure to soak up the vibrant atmosphere by visiting one of the many local bars and nightclubs.

The best travel agents can do more than just suggest a place like Cabo San Lucas for their clients; they can recommend activities, great restaurants, the best flight deals and even the top hotels. All of this information, and so much more, can come courtesy of a strong partnership with a host agency.


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