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Plan an Exciting Winter Vacation to Queenstown, New Zealand

skierIn New Zealand, winter doesn’t accompany Christmas or New Year. Thanks to its location south of the Equator, New Zealand has its winter season between May and August of each year.

That means if you’re planning a New Zealand winter adventure for clients as an independent travel agent, you’ll want to keep the reversed seasons in mind!

While there are countless incredible destinations in New Zealand, Queenstown is arguably one of the best. Located on the South Island surrounded by pristine mountains, Queenstown is a fantastic spot for a winter getaway.

Hit the Slopes

In the winter, the biggest reason to visit Queenstown is to hit the slopes by either skiing or snowboarding. Even if you’re a complete beginner, you’ll have plenty of options to learn the ropes on a smaller run or take courses with a licensed instructor.

There are four major ski resorts in Queenstown, and each is less than an hour’s drive from the town center. That means visitors can choose between staying right at the base of the mountain in a ski chalet or hotel or staying in town closer to the shores of Lake Wakatipu and the attractions downtown.

It all depends on whether travelers want to drive or rely on public transportation during their time in the area.

Get a Rush of Adrenaline
TransportationWhatever the season, Queenstown is known for being the adrenaline capital of New Zealand. The city is home to countless thrilling activities that will get your heart racing, and there is no shortage of options for travelers.

Just some of the choices you might consider include bungy jumping off of Kawarau Bridge, riding a high-powered speedboat, skydiving from a plane at a height of more than 10,000 feet or ziplining over lush greenery with Lake Wakatipu in the background.

Try Classic Kiwi Dishes

Of course, no winter getaway to Queenstown would be complete without trying out classic dishes from New Zealand. Since fish caught in New Zealand lakes can’t be exported, you’ll definitely want to try them out at a local seafood restaurant.

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Local lamb and venison are other top picks for serious foodies. If you’re in a rush to fill up and you want the local version of fast food, be sure to try a meat pie.

Savory instead of sweet, these pies are warming, filling and the perfect hand-held bite when you’re on your way to the next big adventure in Queenstown. Of course, you’ll also want to try a glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Bland, a white wine that’s closely associated with the country.

Photograph the Breathtaking Scenery

Between the snow-covered peaks of the Southern Alps, the deep blue waters of Lake Wakatipu and the Remarkables mountain range within view from downtown, Queenstown is a top spot for photographers who want to capture breathtaking natural beauty.


You don’t need to have an expensive camera to take exceptional shots, especially if you seek out great vantage points. Ride the Skyline Gondola in order to get aerial shots that give you a view of the entire landscape below.

Queenstown is the perfect spot for an epic winter vacation. These tips and suggestions can help any traveler plan an unforgettable journey to New Zealand.

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