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Planning Trips for Honeymooners to Romantic Destinations

WeddingOnBeachAs an independent travel agent, you may often work with couples who are planning a destination wedding or even a romantic honeymoon.

These trips can be a lot of fun to organize, and they also have the potential to bring in significant commissions. Couples may already have their minds made up about where they plan to visit after the wedding, but others will be looking for input and suggestions.

That’s when the travel agent can come in with some top recommendations. You’ll want these clients to enjoy the location, because happy travelers means increased word of mouth and recommendations for your independent business.

Discover what some of the most romantic travel spots are around the world and why each is ideal for honeymooning couples.

The Big Island of Hawaii

Although Honolulu on the island of Oahu might be the more popular tourism destination in the Hawaiian Islands, the Big Island of Hawaii can actually be more romantic for couples on their honeymoon.

Many of the stunning resorts on the sparsely-populated island boast large white-sand beaches, clear blue waters and a distinct lack of crowds.

This leaves plenty of room for couples in love to share a picnic, take a sunset walk along the shore or just enjoy the stillness and peace of paradise.

Along with tropical beaches and hotels just steps from the water, couples can hike near an active volcano, visit historic landmarks and dine on Pacific fusion cuisine prepared by some of the best chefs on the planet.

Puerto Rico

If couples want to combine a tropical destination, a new culture and the convenience of not actually leaving the country, Puerto Rico can be the ultimate getaway. Right in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, Puerto Rico boasts a sunny climate and warm temperatures throughout the year, which is often exactly what couples want after celebrating their nuptials.

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History lovers will appreciate being able to walk hand in hand while touring colonial Spanish structures and forts in the UNESCO-designated World Heritage Sites of San Juan, and those with a desire to get outdoors can try everything from snorkeling and swimming to private sailing cruises at sunset.


Known as the city of light and love, Paris is an obvious choice for a couple that wants culture as well as intimacy. Although this isn’t a spot where you can find tropical beaches, Paris is home to a stunning number of scenic backdrops that are perfect for loving whispers, hand-in-hand strolls on cobblestone streets and stolen kisses.

Newlyweds might decide to start the day at a local patisserie for cafe au lait and a croissant, spend the day in the Louvre or admiring the Arc de Triomphe, dress up and watch a performance at the Paris Opera or spend an evening indulging in fine wine and French cuisine at a candlelit table in a charming local cafe.

New Orleans

This is an unexpected addition, but the spirited city can actually be a wonderful place to indulge and explore on a honeymoon. Days can be spent shopping or trying out French and Cajun fare, and nights might include live music on Bourbon Street or a few cocktails in a French Quarter lounge.

Plus, New Orleans getaways can often be cheaper than overseas honeymoons, making it perfect for couples on a budget.

As an independent travel agent with a host agency like Travel Planners International, knowing the most romantic honeymoon spots can be a big help when it comes to planning getaways for couples.


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