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Interested in Becoming a Travel Agent? You’re Not the Only One

Today, the employment landscape is different than it was 20-30 years ago. Some businesses have closed their doors, American companies have moved jobs overseas, and work is outsourced to professionals who work from home. These and other factors have forced people to rethink their careers. It’s no surprise that becoming a travel agent is on the rise, even though in 2014 the number of full-time travel agents dropped to 74,100 compared to 124,000 in 2000.

The American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) surveyed 14,000 households and found that consumers are booking through travel agents because it saves them time and frustration – travelers would rather work with an agent who can handle their travel needs.

Read on to learn about the rising interest in becoming a travel agent. You probably didn’t think this career choice would attract everyone from millennials to baby boomers, but it does.

Why Are You Becoming a Travel Agent?

These are the top seven reasons why becoming a travel agent is popular more so than ever.

You Are the Boss

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, becoming a travel agent makes sense. Why? Because you’re the boss and can run your business the way you want to instead of conforming to someone else’s vision and rules. Plus, a 9-5 job may not be an option for younger generations. Why? Because millennials crave creativity and flexibility and the travel industry offers this.

You Can Work from Any Location

Becoming a home-based travel agent may work for you. If you have kids, you can get them ready for and take them to school because you work from home. Of course, you could mix-up your week and work from a coffee shop. If you’re traveling, you can work from a hotel or resort.

You Can Travel the World

One of the best perks of becoming a travel agent is traveling the world. Start by experiencing all that your state or province has to offer because it’s a vacation destination for others. You can also get discounts, FAM (familiarization trips – you may have to pay for airfare), and upgrades.

You Can Be Part of an Exciting Industry

Working in the travel industry is an attractive career choice for many people. Why? Because you get to create experiences for clients and make their travel dreams come true. When you travel, you get to meet people from around the world. Some of them may become your clients.

You Can Receive Free Training

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Travel agents receive free training from most consortia, host travel agencies, agencies, and travel associations like ASTA and CLIA (Cruise Line International Association). Of course, you can further your education with paid training, too.

You Can Meet Your Future Husband or Wife

Are your friends getting married? You may wonder if it will ever happen for you. If you haven’t “met the one,” don’t lose hope. Become a travel agent and you’ll meet all types of people, including someone who may become your future spouse. In your life, did you ever think that becoming a travel agent could lead to marriage? It’s happened before!

You Can Learn New Languages

Becoming a travel agent gives you the opportunity to learn new languages or improve upon the ones you already speak. Remember, the world is a melting pot. If you can speak several languages, you’ll set yourself a part from other travel agents. You may grow your business faster than you expected.

Becoming a Travel Agent Could Be the Right Career Move for You

See yourself becoming a travel agent today. You join a thriving agency as a home-based agent and learn from seasoned professionals how grow your clientele.

Instead of working in a career that drains your energy, you actually look forward to waking up and helping clients have the best travel experiences they can have, by land and sea.

Not only are you meeting people from around the world, but you’ve finally put your French and Spanish language lessons to good use.

Seem impossible? It’s not.

It’s up to you to take control of your life and make a career change today that will get you one step closer entrepreneurship and possibility.

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