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Romance and Beauty Aboard the Star Clipper

Star ClippersIt’s certainly no secret that vacations at sea are a treat, and leading travel industry experts are well aware that cruises are incredibly popular with travelers from around the world.

Although sailing trips may be less common than cruises, they are no less amazing. A luxury sailing getaway, particularly aboard a stunning ship like the Star Clipper, is an unforgettable journey that lets you see a range of destinations, enjoy an exclusive environment, connect with nature and experience the romance of a traditional yet luxurious sail ship.

Exclusivity of Sail Ships

One of the biggest benefits of setting sail is that the ship itself is exclusive. Rather than staying in a floating hotel with thousands of fellow travelers, those who enjoy sailing vacations on luxury ships may find that there are less than 200 passengers on the journey, and a maximum of 170 in the case of the Star Clipper.

This means that you won’t ever have to worry about restaurants being overbooked, onboard amenities being packed or running out of space on the ship. Of course, the exclusivity of sailing getaways also means that there is a good chance you’ll be the first among your friends to have this unforgettable experience at sea.Star Clippers

Informal, Relaxed Schedules

If you’ve ever been to a resort or a cruise ship that handed out busy itineraries for passengers and guests, the informal, relaxed pace of life on a sailing ship could be a pleasant surprise.

Instead of having a seating assignment or a set time to dine each night, guests on any of the Star Clippers fleet of ships can pick and choose the time, place and seat where they feel most comfortable.

Don’t be surprised if some of the ship’s officers ask to join your table and regale you with stories from the day at sea. Entertainment isn’t rigid or bland since regional performers come from the surrounding areas to bring the local culture to the evenings.

For travelers who want to take it easy and do things according to their own schedules, this format is truly ideal.

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Romance and Elegance of the Past

Star ClippersLuxury sailing vessels are a magnificent way to harness the beauty, elegance and nostalgia of the past. You may feel like you’ve stepped back into a historical novel when you watch the wind puff out the sails or hear the call of the crew.

The ship’s decor is tasteful and elegant, but passengers still get to enjoy all of the modern conveniences they can’t live without.

Connection to Nature

On a cruise ship, the decks available for passengers can sometimes be 10 or more stories above the water. On an exclusive sailing vessel, you’ll be close to nature.

You can watch the waves below as you sip a cocktail at sunset, scan the horizon for your destination and admire the dolphins and turtles that gravitate toward the boat in shallow waters.

Variety of Destinations Across the Globe

Star ClippersIt is worth noting that the luxury sailing vessels don’t just frequent one or two spots. They head to a variety of destinations around the world, letting passengers experience everything from the Panama Canal to Hawaii to the Mediterranean.

Travel industry experts working with host agencies know that one-of-a-kind holidays are always a success. Vacations on the Star Clipper are a magical way to see the world from a new perspective.


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