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Get Your Exclusive Peek at These 16 New Tours from Collette

Would you like more amazing and memorable vacations?

With Collette, you get a diverse collection of tours designed by a team who has traveled the globe, seeking out new locations and finding new ways to explore popular destinations to create the perfect tours.

It starts with impeccably planned itineraries and culminates with the best Tour Managers in the industry leading you on your next adventure.

Allow your imagination to carry you away, across the wonders of the world. Savor the chance to dream. It’s Collette’s job to give you more of what makes travel special and to make those dreams come true!

Here are the 16 new tours from Collette – you have more choices for 2017!

Get an Insider’s Look at These Diverse Tours from Collette


Romantic Road and Fairy Tale Road – Discover Germany’s grand cities, castles and legends, and you’ll come to know the allure of iconic cities such as Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. Immerse yourself in fairytales at Rapunzel’s and Sleeping Beauty’s castles, visit the Brothers Grimm Museum, and more.

France & Italy – Explore and immerse yourself within two of Europe’s most captivating countries. You’ll dine on delicious cuisine; get to know Paris with a local guide, tour charming Assisi, and so much more.

The Complete European Journey – Experience Europe’s most admired cities, London, Prague, and Rome and many more icon locations. You’ll get a taste of the diverse cultures, history, and cuisine of 10 different European nations including Germany, Italy, Slovenia and France.

Captivating Europe – Find an array of diverse cultures in Europe’s microstates and more. Personalize your vacation with a choice of included activities in Amsterdam, Lucerne, Innsbruck, Venice and Paris. Take the train from London to Brussels and more!

Portugal, Spain & France – The treasures of three European gems are revealed. You’ll embark on a journey through three of the world’s most influential nations throughout history and uncover a tapestry of culture that is sure to captivate you.

Best of Britain & Ireland – This is a guided, comprehensive tour through England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, and Wales. Imagine exploring charming villages brimming with iconic sites and peaceful places – it will take your breath away.

Irish Adventure – Celebrate what it means to be alive on this joyous cultural voyage. From the crypts of Christ Church Cathedral to the forests of Killarney National Park, you can dive into a rarely seen side of Ireland.

Amsterdam & London – You’ll get to know the beauty and history of these two cultural capitals on a leisurely paced in-depth tour. Picture yourself on a guided canal cruise in Amsterdam. In London, you explore St. Paul’s Cathedral. You’ll do this and so much more.

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USA and Canada

America’s Historic Hotels – Relive history at some of America’s most historic hotels and sites and indulge in luxury as you step back in time. You’ll begin at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C. and end with a tour and overnight in Boston.

Charming French Canada – Journey to the cities and back roads of the region overnighting in luxury. You’ll enjoy all of the charms of the Canadian Province of Quebec. You’ll be introduced to its natural and historic wonders.

New England Charm – Take the road less traveled uncovering many of New England’s allures. From stunning landscapes to remarkable people and rich history, your journey along New England’s coastline will capture your heart.

Around the Globe

Exploring Sri Lanka – It’s a country with an intriguing culture and unspoiled landscape. You’ll tour the largest city, Columbo. You’ll visit the home of orphaned elephants that have been abandoned. You’ll climb up the 5th-century Sigiriya Rock Fortress and more.

India’s Treasures – Experience the Golden Triangle’s cultural and historic wonders. You’ll be enchanted by India’s beauty and vibrant culture. Your tour includes home-hosted dinner with a local family in Delhi, a visit to the quaint village of Samode, and more.

Antarctica & Chile’s Patagonia – Discover the wonder of the Fjords of Chile and the rugged beauty of the “White Continent.” Activities include cruising through Errera Channel where steep, sheer cliffs rise above the narrow iceberg-filled passage; exploring vistas of blue white glaciers and busy penguin rookeries; and much more.

Which Tour from Collette Will You Choose to Experience?

You have to ask yourself, “How far will you go?”

With Collette, you can travel around the world!

Imagine you take the “Taste of Vietnam” tour where you delve into an ancient and mysterious world with a complex history. Or maybe you experience “From Castles to Causeways” where you uncover the endless treasures Scotland and Ireland.

Sound good?

Contact your Travel Planners International agent and explore your Collette guided travel options TODAY!

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