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Snowboarding Vacations in Park City, Utah

Snowboarding in Park CityEach winter, many travelers around the world set off in search of fresh powder snow so they can hit the slopes on a snowboard. Although many of the best skiing spots are also ideal for snowboarding, some destinations have extra appeal for snowboarders.

Park City, Utah, is one of the top spots on the planet to snowboard whether you are planning to take lessons as a beginner or you are a seasoned pro.

For independent travel agents, part of organizing the best possible getaways for clients is knowing more about the best spots and what places like Park City have to offer visitors.

Park City: Snowboarding Paradise

The first clue that Park City, Utah, is going to be an amazing spot for winter fun is its elevation. Depending on where you are in the city, the elevation ranges from 6,700 feet to 8,400 feet, which means that you are definitely right in the heart of the Wasatch Mountain Range.

There are three major winter snow resorts that cover over 3,000 snow-covered acres during the winter, and each offers runs specifically for snowboarders as well as runs allowing both skiers and snowboarders.

In addition, the public transport system in Park City lets snowboarders on without the need for an extra fee, which is something that many winter destinations don’t allow. In short, Park City is a paradise for anyone looking to rent a snowboard, ride on a challenging run or just get some practice on their own board.

Off the Slopes in Park City, Utah

Silver King Hotel in Park City with FunjetSnowboarding as well as skiing is definitely a great reason to visit Park City. However, that’s not all that the Utah mountain city has to offer.

For a day off the slopes, fun attractions can include the Alf Engen Ski Museum, the Utah Olympic Park or the Kimball Art Center.

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You will also find galleries, theaters and a variety of restaurants, bars and pubs to fill up the evenings. Park City makes a great spot for families to relax as well as a romantic destination for couples.

All About Funjet

Booking a vacation through Funjet can be a fantastic option for travelers who want to make a visit to Park City, Utah. For more than 40 years, the family-owned travel booking company has offered travelers from around the world the opportunity to visit somewhere new without blowing their budget in the process.

While Funjet might be closely associated with sun-drenched vacations in places like Europe, Central America and the Caribbean, they also provide amazing packages to Park City, Utah, which is a top pick for everyone from beginners to seasoned snowboarders.

Planning the Ultimate Park City Snowboarding Vacation

As a travel agent, it is important to keep your customers completely satisfied. Along with knowing their likes and dislikes, which can go a long way in helping them pick out the perfect destination, you will want to help them bundle everything into a single package.

For Park City, that means booking flights, accommodation close to the slopes, a car rental and even lift tickets at once. Once travelers arrive in Utah, they will be all set to begin a fun-filled and stress-free vacation.

Independent travel agents paired with host agencies like Travel Planners International will have the resources they need to plan unforgettable vacations. If snowboarding is on the agenda, Park City vacations through Funjet can be ideal.


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