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Southwest Vacations – Explore the Natural Beauty of Sedona, Arizona

sedonaSedona is located in the northern Verde Valley region of Arizona and is often called “Red Rock Country” due to the red sandstone formations that surround the area. When the sun is rising or setting, the rocks glow brilliant orange and red, providing a stunning backdrop for many artistic endeavors.

The city is named for Sedona Arabella Miller Schnebly, the wife of the city’s first postmaster. Ms. Schnebly and her husband arrived in Sedona when it was still a wilderness, and when visitors came to the area, she welcomed them into her home, providing shelter and food even when the family struggled to make ends meet.

Originally, the town was to be called Oak Creek Crossing or Schnebly Station, but those names were rejected for being too long. Sedona’s brother-in-law suggested that the town be named after her, and the name was approved in 1902.

Historical Landmarks

For those who enjoy learning about the history of an area, Sedona offers many activities and landmarks that provide a glimpse into a time when the West was wild. The Walter Jordan House was originally an early farm and orchard. The home was built in three phases, and it is a wonderful example of red rock construction from the early 1900s.

Also still standing is the Walter Jordan packing and tractor shed. The George Jordan Sales Building, which now houses a leather store, helped build the area’s reputation as one of the best fruit-producing and tourism areas in the country.

Cook’s Cedar Glade Cemetery, where Sedona Schnebly along with her husband T.C. and daughter, Pearl, are buried, was originally created to bury victims of the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918. Many early pioneer families are buried there.

Natural Landmarks And Guided Tours

If it’s an outdoor vacation that you’re seeking, there is no better place than Sedona. Sedona sits 4,300 feet above sea level, surrounded by forests and rock formations that provide one of the most beautiful backdrops in the world. For decades, the area has been used as a location for movies and television series due to its natural views.

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The area has multiple hiking and biking trails for outdoor enthusiasts who wish to enjoy the natural surroundings of the area. There are also many guided tours available that provide visitors with an education about the flora and fauna, wild animals and reptiles who call Sedona their home. Be sure to talk to your travel agent about the availability of tours or trails.

Culture and Entertainment

Despite the feel of the old West that still exists in Sedona, the area is rich with culture. Local wineries offer many events including concerts and festivals. There are also many galleries featuring the work of local artisans and offering hand-crafted jewelry and artwork unavailable anywhere but Sedona. The Sedona Film Festival includes documentaries, feature films, animation and shorts, and filmmakers say it’s one of the best in the country.

Academy Award-winning artists lead workshops at the festivals, and students are provided a once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn from the finest in the industry. Sedona is the location for some of the best dining in the country as well, with options ranging from authentic southwestern barbecue and Mexican cuisine to 5-star fine-dining experiences.

Sedona offers visitors a vacation unlike any other, with activities and events that will appeal to everyone in the family. Your travel agent can help you book your vacation, arrange for tours, wine tastings and let you know about special events scheduled for the time you will be visiting Red Rock Country.


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