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Do Clients Want to be Connected or Disconnected While on Vacation?

Travel agents, you know that clients take vacations so they can “get away from it all,” including daily routines, stress, work, and more. However, technology doesn’t make it easy for them to escape. Your clients may be tempted to check their email, voice mails, and social networks while on vacation. They may want to stay connected with family and friends, so they can show them how much fun they’re having. Or they may feel like unplugging.

It’s a conundrum – do clients want to stay connected or disconnected during their vacation?

They may prefer to keep the lines of communication open for those closest to them, including you. For example, if they want to extend their trip, they may require your assistance.

Or maybe your travel clients want to disengage for a few weeks. They may look forward to their beach vacation and sticking their toes in the sand.

Staying connected or disconnected while on vacation is a personal choice.

To Connect or Disconnect During Vacation

According to Rocky Mountaineer’s FAQ’s they don’t have Wi-Fi internet access on their trains. The reason is because most of the train route is out of cell phone range. But service is found in most major urban areas.

Travel agents, keep in mind that your clients can bring their laptop, tablet or mobile device on a Rocky Mountaineer train, but they better have charged them the night before. Why? Because trains don’t have
electrical outlets.

Can your clients live without Wi-Fi access? For some, it may be a nightmare. For others, it may be a welcome relief. Destiny Drawdy Wergeles says, “My clients like to disconnect because it’s a way for them to unplug.”

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The truth is that some clients can’t disconnect while on vacation. Perhaps they’re a solopreneur and don’t have anyone who can respond to urgent emails and phone calls from clients and customers. Maybe they’re a key player in their company and can’t fully disconnect while on vacation. Or perhaps they enjoy sharing their vacation pictures with family and friends via social networks.

Roy Gal said, “My clients like to be connected! They have to brag on social media about where they are.”

Susan Leonidas says, “Mine are all over social media when they’re on a cruise. They actually help me market the ship we’re on.”

To stay connected or disconnected during vacation is an individual preference. However, your clients could consider the people who travel with them. For example, partners and spouses may have to check email and receive phone calls and texts for work. Perhaps this can be done during “down time,” i.e., the kids are taking a nap.

Keep in mind that your clients’ family and friends may have to connect with them in case of an emergency. For this reason, clients may want to bring their smartphones. However, the front desk staff could always phone their hotel room.

Travel Agents: Are Your Clients Connecting or Unplugging on Vacation?

Travel agents, some of your clients may want to be connected during their vacation. Why? Because they enjoy sharing pictures and videos of their experience with family and friends – they want to keep them in the loop. However, others may prefer to leave their electronic devices at home with the exception of a smartphone for emergencies. Some clients like to disconnect because it helps them to fully absorb and appreciate their immersive travel experiences.

Whether your clients can’t wait to share every moment of their trip with family and friends or look forward to stop thinking about work on their vacation, make sure they know how to connect with you. If you’re traveling, make sure someone is available to answer your clients’ questions. If you don’t have anyone, you may consider joining TPI. Your clients will be taken care of even when you’re on vacation.

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