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Cozumel: The Best Things to do on the Island

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Did you know that Cozumel is perched atop a coral reef and one of the largest islands in Mexico? You know what that means, don’t you? Endless possibilities for fun in the sun, from scuba diving to snorkeling, and much more, you’ll have plenty of things to do. Keep reading to learn more about the best things to do in Cozumel.

Check Out Xplor Park

Do you love adventure? If you do, you’ll love Xplor Park (Note: It’s 45 minutes from Cozumel, but I had to mention this place!). It’s a unique place that will tantalize your senses with activities that will get your blood pumping. Imagine feeling the excitement of zipping between trees and into caves with 14 zip-lines. You can also swim along in a river that features stunning underground sceneries. Watch out for the by stalactites and stalagmites!

Discover Chichen-Itza

You can’t visit Cozumel without seeing and exploring Chichen-Itza, one of the most famous Mayan ruins and important archeological sites in the world. Imagine spending 60-90 minutes discovering this new “world wonder.” Not only will you learn about the Mayan culture, but you can walk around the site and take pictures to commemorate this monumental experience.

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Go to Heaven

Okay, not literally. But when you visit El Cielo Cozumel by boat, you’ll feel as if you’ve died and gone to
heaven. Picture shallow crystal waters and soft powdered white sand – it’s the perfect place to kick back and relax. Ah!

Plan Your Trip to Cozumel Today!

If you’re like me, you probably enjoy cruise vacations. I mean, let’s face it, sometimes it’s nice to kick back, relax, and leave the driving to someone else. Another bonus is that you unpack once and forget about it. If you want to cruise to Cozumel, I recommend Carnival Cruise Line. You’ll love the accommodations, dining, onboard activities, and everything they have to offer. Have fun!

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