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The Pull of the City Pulse

City PullIf you take a look at the most popular travel destinations around the globe, it is impossible to ignore that many of the most common spots are major cities. From New York City to Hong Kong to Paris, travelers are drawn to the pull of the city pulse and the nonstop attractions that these major metropolises have to offer.

Uncover what makes cities such great travel destinations so that you can plan amazing getaways to top urban areas in the future.

Culinary Diversity

For foodies, one of the biggest reasons to take a city vacation or even move to a major metropolis is the cuisine. While smaller towns have fewer patrons, and therefore have to create menus that will attract as much of the population as possible, big cities offer a huge range of culinary options.

Chili Crab SingaporeIn New York City, you can find Ethiopian food just a few streets from a Korean food truck, which might be a block from an upscale authentic Italian eatery. Of course, you’ll also find a range of price points for dining in big cities, and you can dine well at virtually any time of day or night.

Readily Available Public Transport

Another huge reason for the appeal of cities is the readily available public transportation. If you’re used to driving everywhere, commuting to work and battling for parking spots, there is something tremendously freeing about taking trains, buses and underground subways instead.

You can come and go as you please, forget about maintenance or fuel and imbibe in a few vacation cocktails before heading home without risking your safety.

World-Class Attractions

Perhaps best of all, major cities are home to some truly incredible attractions. This isn’t surprising: Big cities have more tax dollars and more of a reason to attract tourists, so they invest heavily in these major attractions. For visitors, city attractions are a major part of choosing a destination.

City PulseIf you want to see the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Guggenheim, you might depart for New York City. If you want to tour the Lincoln Memorial or visit the White House, the Washington, D.C. would be your top pick.

Every city boasts something worthwhile, and there is no shortage of attractions to choose from in just about every major city around the world.

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Endless Events Throughout the Year

Major events found in cities are also a big reason to visit. In San Francisco, for example, the annual Chinese New Year in Chinatown is a fantastic experience.

Cities boast large populations, which can sustain major concert tours, fireworks for special occasions, ethnic celebrations, culinary festivals and more.

On any given day in places like Tokyo, Berlin or Los Angeles, you can choose from dozens of different events.

Fantastic Nightlife and Shopping

ShoppingLast, but certainly not least, are the shopping and nightlife options found in major cities. Since you don’t have to drive anywhere, you can take advantage of the bustling nightlife destinations, and great shopping means you won’t have any trouble finding amazing souvenirs to take home.

The pull of the city pulse is strong, and it is easy to see why so many people head to major cities for their vacations.

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