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There Is More Than One Way To Enjoy A Cruise Vacation

River CruiseAt Travel Planners International, many of the travel agents earn sizable commissions thanks to booking cruise vacations for their clients. While you might already be familiar with the most popular big ship cruises lines, it is important to note that there is more than one way to enjoy a beautiful cruise.

Agents should be ready to give information on all types of cruises ranging from upscale yacht sailing to family-friendly ocean liners.

Continue reading to learn more about different options that will provide clients with all of the best ways to enjoy a cruise.

Ocean Liner Cruises

One of the most popular types of cruises occurs on the big ocean liners that carry hundreds of passengers. This, of course, is a wonderful way to enjoy a vacation since travelers are privy to dozens of restaurants, bars and lounges, several swimming pools and nightly entertainment shows.

cruiseIn a way, these ocean liners are like floating cities, and they travel to destinations across the globe. Most offer all-inclusive vacation packages, making it easier than ever to budget for the trip. However, this popular option is far from your only one.

Intimate Ships and Shallow Sea Cruises

For those who want to set off on an ocean cruise vacation but would prefer to have a more intimate, serene experience, there are ships that perfectly cater to them.

There are a number of luxury cruise companies that offer the convenience of cruising with the lavishness of an upscale hotel.

Intimate ships carry fewer passengers, and they are often smaller in size, which makes them easier to navigate.

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River Cruises

River CruiseAlthough many of the hottest cruise destinations are accessible to ocean liners, there are plenty of inland destinations that can only be reached by river access. River cruises take place on smaller ships that can navigate smaller bodies of water.

These are often boutique ships with luxury accommodations, and they might venture to extraordinary locations around the world like the Yangtze River in China, the Mekong River in Vietnam, the Seine River in France or the Nile River in Egypt.

Yacht Cruises

When nothing but the absolute best will do for your clients, a yacht cruise could be the answer. These yachts are truly opulent, and many hold as few as 100 passengers at a time.

Some of these awesome yachts offer staterooms that are larger than you might expect from a ship and top of the line amenities to make passengers comfortable.

Sailing Cruises

River CruiseLarge sailboats, also called tall ships, are also a fabulous way to cruise on your next vacation. Companies offer travelers the chance to climb aboard a luxurious tall ship and explore destinations as varied as the Mediterranean, North Africa and even the Panama Canal.

By harnessing wind power in their sails, tall ships are also a more environmentally-friendly option, which can make it a top pick for anyone interested in Eco-tourism getaways.

With the help of a host agency like, independent travel agents can discover more about the many different ways to cruise. Find out more about becoming a travel agent who can work from the comfort of home, an office, or anywhere in the world.

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