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Things to Experience in Bermuda You Most Likely Didn’t Consider

If you’re a seasoned or first-time traveler to Bermuda, you may be attracted to the sandy beaches where you can sit in a chair and watch the world around you go by. But there’s so more to do and see in Bermuda beyond the sun and surf. Go off the beaten path for a more enriching experience.

Check Out the Unfinished Church

The Unfinished Church is located in St. George’s Town. And yes, it’s an incomplete church. Construction began in 1874 because a storm damaged St. Peter’s Church. A new church was to be built in its place with William Hay, an architect from Edinburgh. Production was started but never finished due to numerous reasons.

Go Hunting for Glow Worms

Travel to Bermuda between the months of May and November and you can see a glow worm mating ceremony. The event usually occurs three days after a full moon and about 56 minutes after the sun sets. A guide will take you on a 45-minute hike in the dark where you can observe the fascinating creatures from a narrow concrete bridge. The water below looks like an explosion of green neon liquid because of the glow worms’ bioluminescence. Amazing!

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Sign Up for the Trivia Contest at the Swizzle Inn

Are you a trivia buff? If so, gather your friends and head to the Swizzle Inn (cool name) in Baileys Bay on a Thursday night and participate in their epic trivia contest hosted by Quiz Master, Mike Bishop. You’ll have a fun time answering questions and drinking “rum swizzles” – a mixture of rum and exotic fruit juices. Book your spot early because the place fills up. If you win, your team gets a cash prize!

Are You Ready for Interesting Experiences in Bermuda?

I love Bermuda! One the best ways to explore the British Overseas Territory is via a cruise ship. I recommend booking with Norwegian Cruise Line. Explore the underwater life; build a pink sand castle, and more!

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