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Here’s Why You Need to Travel to Fiji Today

Fiji consists of 332 islands; however, only one third are occupied. Keep in mind that many people visit the country because they want solitude and to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. But it’s also the perfect destination if you want to embrace your inner Robinson Crusoe and explore the country. You may want to start by visiting the islands of Viti Levu (largest and most important island) and Vanua Levu (second largest island). Sound good? We think so. Read on to find out more about why you need to travel to Fiji. When you’ve finished reading the post, you’ll want to book your Fiji getaway today.

Why Travel to Fiji?

Family Friendly

Fiji is perfect for families. If mom and dad want to have a ‘date night’ or want to spend time together during the day, families can take advantage of complimentary nanny services and know that their children are being cared for. Another aspect that makes Fiji great for families is the Kid’s Club offered at most resorts. It’s usually for kids ages 3-12 or 5-12 and includes fun activities, games, jumping castles, treasure hunts on the beach, and more. Children of all ages will have a great time exploring Fiji and may not miss their electronics. Imagine that.


If you’re an adventure junkie, you’ll love vacationing in Fiji. Land and water lovers will enjoy Fiji’s exquisite beaches where you can soak up the rays and surf the waves. Or maybe you’ll scuba dive and snorkel and explore the reefs; some are only a quick swim from the beach. Perhaps you’ll get a canoe and paddle along Fiji’s coastline. If you want an adrenaline rush, go off the beaten path and explore the rugged terrain from a buggy. Take a guided raft tour and race down raging rivers or jump out of a plane into a free-fall. You may also parasail over the quiet South Pacific Ocean. Adventure awaits you at every turn in Fiji. What will you do?


Fiji has a rich culture and history that may surprise visitors who aren’t familiar with the country. The people’s background includes indigenous Fijian, Indian, Chinese, and European ancestry. The blend of these cultures is seen throughout Fiji and comes alive in the arts, festivals, foods, and traditions. To explore Fiji’s cultural and historical development, visit the Fiji Museum. Attractions include war clubs, the rudder from The Bounty (Mutiny on the Bounty), and a display that tells the story of cannibalism. You’ll also see artwork from some of Fiji’s best contemporary artists. After you’ve finished going through the Fiji Museum, go to Thurston Gardens and lose yourself among the flora and grassy lawns. You can have a picnic or park yourself under a fig tree and reflect on what you’ve learned about Fiji.

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The Kava Ceremony

For a unique experience, you may want to partake in The Kava Ceremony. It’s a mild narcotic drink known as yaqona (“yanggona”) in Fijian and made from the pepper plant. Traditionally it’s used for social occasions and the acceptance of guests and visitors and followed by a ceremony. Participants sit in a circle on the floor; the leader has a large bowl in front of him. The pepper plant is pounded with the pulp placed into a cloth sack and mixed with water in a bowl, it turns a brownish color. The leader uses the cloth and soaks up and strains the mixture until it’s ready to be placed into a bowl and presented for drinking in one mouthful. Before and after you drink, you clap a specific number of times (varies by region). The affects may be a slight numbing of the lips and tongue; you may feel sluggish the next day. If you have a medical condition, check with your doctor before participating in the Kava Ceremony.

Book Your Fiji Vacation Today

Traveling to Fiji can be an experience like none other. Not only can you explore the country and get to know the locals and their history, but you can unwind in peace and quiet. If this sounds like a vacation you’ve wanted to take, then contact your TPI travel agent and ask him or her to book you on a flight to Fiji. Warning! You may not want to come home.
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