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Have You Considered Taking a Honduras Vacation?

You may not have considered traveling to Honduras, but you may want to give this Central American country a chance to show you that it’s been slowly transforming its reputation. For example, backpackers love that it’s off the beaten path because they can explore the landscape without any of the crowds that may be found in Costa Rica. You’ll also love the value that you get for your money, especially for adventure activities. Many travelers to Honduras enjoy the time they spend in the country and you can, too. Read on to learn about the things you can do and see and then contact your travel agent to discuss your Honduras vacation.

Things to Do and See in Honduras

Hike the Copán Ruins – The Copán ruins are one of the major tourist attractions in Honduras. You may need a few days to explore them – make sure you take the time to do so. Highlights include, the Acropolis, the Court of the Hieroglyphic Stairway, and the Great Plaza. You’ll find the town of Copán Ruinas and its cobbled stone streets charming with many great hotels and restaurants.

Explore Pico Bonito National Park – If you enjoy hiking, kayaking, or whitewater rafting, Pico Bonito National Park won’t disappoint you. The River Zacate trail is where you may see a keel-billed toucan or white-faced monkey. Keep in mind that if you’re a beginner hiker, you may find Pico Bonito to be a difficult climb. Easier hikes can be found throughout the park.

Beautiful Roatan Butterfly Garden – See over 30 species of butterflies and moths, along with birds, orchids, and tropical plants. The butterflies are more active in the early morning or during the day when temperatures increase.

Walk around Tegucigalpa – The capital city of Honduras has colonial architecture and busy streets for you to discover. The core of the city is the Plaza Central. It’s here that you’ll find City Hall and the Cathedral of Saint Michael Archangel. Another key point of interest to see is the Christ of the Picacho statue that’s north of the city. You may also want to visit Rosy Metropolitan Zoo, the country’s first zoo.

Travel to the Bay Islands – Located in the Western Caribbean, Roatan, Utila, and Guanaja are the largest islands of several islands and known as the Bay Islands of Honduras. Guanaja, Roatán, and Utila (has sandy beaches) offer you some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world. If you visit the Bay Islands, you may choose to do so in March and August. The rainy season is from October or November to February.

Family Fun in Hacienda El Jaral – Located in Copán Ruinas, this resort has a waterpark, mini-mall, food court, hotel, and movie theater. When you’ve finished seeing the ruins, have dinner and a conversation about the Mayan ruins and Honduran culture. It will be fun for the kids to learn while they may not be aware that they’re doing so.

Birdwatch in Lago de Yojoa – Honduras’ largest lake is the place to see 375 species of birds. Bring your camera (you may use your smartphone) with you to snap a few pictures and/or take video. After you’ve finished, eat a fish dinner at one of the many restaurants in the area.

Shop at Mercado Guamilito – A traditional market located in San Pedro Sula is a great place to buy Honduran handcrafts either for loved ones or yourself. You may want to try baleada, a traditional Honduran dish that’s a folded wheat tortilla filled with cheese, cream, mashed fried beans, and sometimes scrambled eggs.

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Take the Family to San Ignacio Children’s Ecological Park – Located in Omoa, Honduras, this private reserve of 740 acres includes beautiful greenery, slides, pools, private ponds for fishing, zoo, beaches, restaurants, trails, and much more. Children of all ages will enjoy spending time at the park.

Travel to and Discover What Honduras Has to Offer

Your travel list may not include Honduras. But you may want to add it. If you’re concerned about safety, keep in mind that thousands of U.S. citizens travel each year to the country for tourism, business, volunteer, or study without experiencing a problem. However, no matter where you travel, you should always take precautions and stay abreast of the latest traveling conditions. Always know before you go.

If discovering Honduras and learning about a new culture that may not have been on your radar excites you, then contact your Travel Planners International travel agent today. Talk with him or her about planning your vacation to Honduras. The adventure you have is up to you.

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