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Viking Ocean Cruises: Have You Tried Ocean Cruising?

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Hey, it’s Ot! Lately, I’ve been thinking about ocean cruising.

If you haven’t taken an ocean cruise, you’re in for a treat. However, depending on the cruise line you choose, you may not find casinos, kids or umbrella drinks on board your ships. Instead, you’ll get to know about the places you visit at a more relaxed pace. You’ll also get fascinating lectures, inspiring destination performances, and more.

Oh, and sometimes the ships are smaller. Why? Because small ports can’t accommodate humongous ships – there’s no way a typical cruise ship will fit. Let’s keep exploring all-inclusive ocean cruises.

What to Expect with Ocean Cruising

If you want to take cruise trips that are more elegant, refined, and serene, book with a river cruise tour operator. Why? Because their all-inclusive experiences will include exquisite dining and thoughtfully created shore excursions – buffets may not be an option.

Keep in mind that cruise ships don’t have to be larger than life. In fact, some ships may have room for 1,000 guests or less. And again, booking with a river cruise company will give you the opportunity to get up and close with destinations. That’s right! You get to dock where the larger cruise liners can’t. Imagine
exploring seldom-visited ports and having enriching discoveries just a short walk from your ship.

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Lastly, the spotlight will shine on fine dining. You’ll taste regional cuisine and specialty dishes and have many choices, including where and how you enjoy them

Are You Ready to Get on Board with Ocean Cruising?

Can you imagine taking an ocean cruise? I recommend cruising with Viking River Cruises. Yes, they’re known for brilliant river cruises like the Grand European Tour. However, they offer many ocean cruise holidays, from Australia & Asia Voyages to the Baltic & Northern Europe. The toughest thing will be choosing an ocean cruise trip. Of course, I think you should try them all!

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