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Try a Guided Tour for Your Next Vacation

Trafalgar - See the World from the InsideWhether travelers want to explore Sub-Saharan Africa, villages in China or food markets in Tuscany, they have the option of doing it on their own or with some expert help. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of people who are realizing the incredible value of a guided tour.

This is especially true when it comes to less developed or less common destinations, and particularly in places where English is not the native language.

As an independent travel agent, or someone aspiring to become a travel professional, it is up to you to know more about guided tour vacations, the best guided tour providers and their many benefits.

Travelers Don’t Have to Handle the Organization or Planning

One of the best aspects of embarking on a guided tour is knowing that everything is organized, paid for and planned in advance. For example, someone who wants to travel throughout Europe might spend weeks translating rail travel websites in German, French, Italian and Greek before completing their itinerary and buying tickets.

Trafalgar Guided ToursEven then, there is always the issue of hotels in each destination or a mix-up at the ticket office. In contrast, Trafalgar’s European Magic tour includes air-conditioned coaches to places like Paris, London, Cannes and Venice.

Personalized itineraries and maps ensure that travelers know where they are going and every stop along the way, but there is no need for advanced planning.

Forget the Language Barriers

Exploring a new culture or learning new words in a foreign language should absolutely be a part of the travel experience.

However, the language barrier should never prevent visitors from getting the most out of each destination. Guided tours typically offer a local expert who speaks the language and can provide much-needed information to travelers.

When you are in Hong Kong, order dim sum correctly and catch the right ferry over to Kowloon thanks to a local expert’s Cantonese guidance.

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Guided Tours Create Safe Exploration Opportunities

Whether you are traveling solo, with a partner or with your entire family, safety should be a priority.

If you feel unsure about the idea of exploring Mexico City or Bangkok on your own, consider a guided tour instead. Guided tour providers like Trafalgar make safety a priority, ensuring that travelers have little to worry about.

Get to know the true heart of a city’s culture, dive into the amazing street cuisine found in back alleys or night markets and explore destinations off the beaten path without having any questions about your security by choosing a guided tour for your next vacation.

Choosing the Best Guided Tour Providers

To ensure that your clients enjoy the best possible guided tour, it is your job to help them select the top guided tour vacation provider.

While there is no shortage of options to consider, Trafalgar is repeatedly ranked as one of the leaders in the travel industry.

The top things to look for in a guided tour company are exciting destinations that appeal to your customers, extensive experience in the travel world and the desire to show travelers new landmarks and culture that they otherwise wouldn’t get the chance to see.

Guided tours are a fantastic way to enjoy a vacation in a new destination. As an independent travel agent, working alongside a host agency like Travel Planners International can be the perfect way to create connections with leading guided tour companies like Trafalgar.

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