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Unforgettable Camping Vacations in Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park, Washington stateFor some travelers, money is no object, and the best vacations will include first-class flights, villas on the beach and a chance to be pampered. For others, vacations are a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, get out in nature and get back to your roots.

As an independent travel agent, you should know about both types of getaways in order to best serve your clients. If you come across couples, singles or even entire families who are searching for an affordable, rustic and unparalleled camping vacation, Olympic National Park could be your answer.

Getting to Olympic National Park

One of the most important aspects of planning a camping vacation is getting travelers where they need to be. While Olympic National Park can feel extraordinarily remote and serene once you’re there, it is actually just two hours by car from the Seattle International Airport.

Alternatively, visitors can fly into Vancouver, Canada, and make a roughly four-hour drive down across the U.S. border and into the park, which is located near the Strait of Juan de Fuca in Washington.

Of course, this means that a travel agent will be able to book flights as well as rental cars for clients, securing a reasonable commission along the way.

Where to Camp in Olympic National Park

While Olympic National Park is a fantastic place to spend a day, it also comes through as one of the most incredible places to camp for a night, a weekend or even an entire week.

There are more than 900 camping spots available in the 16 different campsites run by the National Park Service, and these need to be reserved several weeks or even months in advance. If the idea of spending several days in the park is appealing but you don’t actually want to pitch a tent, then there are resorts and lodges within the park where guests can stay for a more comfortable, upscale vacation.

What to Do at the Olympic National Park

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Olympic National Park, bearAlong with camping out underneath the stars, there is plenty to see, do and explore within Olympic National Park.

The Quinalt Rainforest is a breathtaking ecosystem full of lush plant life and the tallest Sitka Spruce tree on the entire planet.

Staggering mountains and even glaciers create a backdrop unlike anywhere else, and there are miles of paved and rough hiking trails to fill your days.

In addition, Olympic National Park is home to coastline and beaches where you can relax in the comfortable temperatures, admire the driftwood or even watch whales migrating from La Push Beach, which is the northernmost beach in all of Washington.

The Appeal of Camping Vacations

For travelers, camping vacations can be a fabulous alternative to an ordinary hotel vacation. You can still pick a destination that offers beaches, beauty and relaxation, but camping is a unique way to decompress and get away from the stresses of ordinary life.

It can also be tailored to any budget, with accommodations ranging from a spot in tent to a luxurious room in a charming resort within a National Park.

To plan the best vacation, it is important to know about all your options. A host agency for travel agents can give you the resources you need to arrange unforgettable camping vacations for your clients from around the world.


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