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Unusual things to do in the Bahamas-Travel Planners International

Unusual Things to Do and See in Exuma, Bahamas

If you want to escape to a place where you can swim with pigs, dolphins, and stingrays; admire sharks, and kick back on the beach, travel to Exuma, Bahamas. But keep in mind there’s more to this paradise on earth than sun and surf. You can do and see unusual things and have a Caribbean vacation of a lifetime.

Get Starry Eyed for Starfish

Several cays around Great Exuma function as reserves that safeguard starfish. However, you can take a boat tour that will stop so you can get a closer look at the delicate sea creatures. You may remove them from the water (protected) for a limited time and then gently return them to their watery home.

Hike Across an Island to a Beach

You’ll get a kick out of hiking (about 20 minutes) across Stocking Island near the Chat ‘N’ Chill Beach Bar which leads to a beach. Go to the boat dock and walk around the bay until you see some rocks. You’ll see the first trail sign and hike up and over a tiny hill. Wade across a small inlet before getting back on the trail. You’ll love the scenery and with any luck, you’ll have the beach to yourself.

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Visit Leaf Cay and Feed the Iguanas

Leaf Cay was owned by Nicholas Café and is inhabited by a rare Bahamian iguana. The cute lizards are social and will crawl out of the rocks to greet you. Make sure you bring enough food; you can feed them lettuce and grapes, which makes them friendlier. Imagine the pictures you’ll have to show family and friends.

Explore the Unusual Side of Exuma, Bahamas

Escape to Exuma, Bahamas and you may not want to come back! I recommend staying at Sandals Emerald Bay, an all-inclusive couples resort. It’s secluded within 500 tropical acres and boasts a mile-long beach, three impressive pools, seven exceptional restaurants, butler service, amazing excursions, and more. It’s the perfect romantic getaway!

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