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This Is Why You’ll Want to Book a Viking Homelands Ocean Cruise

Do you love history and enjoy learning about the Viking Age? It has been immortalized in movies and TV shows such as the Vikings which can be seen on the History channel. But instead of watching a movie or television show about the Vikings, why not learn about them through an immersive travel experience such as the Viking Homelands Ocean Cruise?

Imagine sailing the clear waters of Scandinavia and the Baltic on a 15-day cruise. Not only will you enjoy overnights in cosmopolitan cities such as Stockholm and St. Petersburg, but you’ll explore beautiful city centers that are rich in history. You’ll experience the breathtaking scenery of Helsinki, Berlin, Copenhagen, and Bergen from your ship as you glide through notable Norwegian fjords in the renowned homelands of the Vikings.

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Everything You Need to Know about Viking Homelands Ocean Cruise

Viking Cruises offers you small ship cruising that’s destination focused, culturally enriching, and carefully curated cruise experiences. Here’s a highlight of the cities you’ll experience on the Viking Homelands Ocean Cruise.

Stockholm, Sweden

Your day begins in Stockholm, Sweden. Picture Lake Lake Mälaren meeting the Baltic; the city is spread over 14 islands and the 13th-century Old Town or Gamla Stan, with German-influenced architecture. You may consider a trip to the Vasa Museum to see an amazingly preserved 17th-century ship. Perhaps you’ll indulge in authentic cuisine including traditional smoked salmon. If you love castles, consider taking a trip to Skokloster Castle in the Swedish countryside.

You won’t want to leave Stockholm without exploring its brilliant architecture and natural wonders. You
can take a cozy boat tour and admire the impressive cityscape from the waters. How about attending a private performance at the famous opera house? You’ll want to immerse yourself in Stockholm as much as you can before you depart for Helsinki.

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is known as the “White City of the North.” When you tour the city, you’ll see Uspenski Cathedral with its 13 great green and gold domes which represent Christ and the apostles. Go to nearby Porvoo, a quaint medieval town complete with cobblestone streets that entwine with historic wooden buildings.

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You may opt to travel to the home of composer Jean Sibelius (known for a set of seven symphonies) at Ainola and experience a concert at the summer school. Consider visiting the 18th-century Suomenlinna Fortress, a historic maritime fortress. You won’t want to miss Temppeliaukio Church, also known as the “Rock Church”—an underground sanctuary with rough-hewn walls of granite.

St. Petersburg, Russia

Visit St. Petersburg, and you’ll discover why it’s known as a gem of world culture and one of the most brilliant European cities. Imagine seeing St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Peter and Paul Fortress, Nevsky Prospekt, and more. Take an optional tour of the Hermitage Museum or attend a private concert.

If you don’t get to explore St. Petersburg on your first day, don’t worry about it because you can do so on your second day. You may want to journey into the countryside to see the great summer places of the tsars of Russia. After visiting St. Petersburg, you may find yourself wanting to read or re-read Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina or War and Peace.

These are only a few of the cities you’ll explore on the Viking Homelands Ocean Cruise. Plus, there’s much more that you can do as you sail on the Baltic Sea. Imagine unwinding in The Spa, where you can experience the Snow Grotto and Sauna. Or you can take a dip in the Infinity Pool. Dine on a regional specialty in The Restaurant, or watch a movie in of the three theaters – two indoor and one under the star at the Main Pool.

Are You Ready to Explore the Baltics?

Viking Cruises was awarded the #1 cruise line in the world as recognized by the readers of Travel & Leisure magazine; they’ve also received numerous Cruise Critic awards. Viking offers you exceptional ships that accommodate only 930 guests and all verandah accommodations – they’re all about the destinations!

Who’s going to show you the “land of the Viking’s” better than the Vikings themselves? If you’re ready to experience the Baltics, contact your Travel Planners International agent and ask them about the Viking Homelands cruise. Please note that you must be 18 or older to sail.

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