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Six Hidden Gems For Your Weekend Cruise to Perfect Day at CocoCay

Six Hidden Gems For Your Weekend Cruise to Perfect Day at CocoCay

Buried treasures are the stuff pirate legends are made of. But who says the same can’t be said on your weekend cruise to Royal Caribbean’s Perfect Day at Cococay? While the jury is still out if real buried treasure can be found, there are some magical hidden gems that you can’t miss on your next visit to Perfect Day at CocoCay, Royal Caribbean’s private destination in the Bahamas.

From underwater surprises to a powerful geyser that shoots high into the sky, we’re revealing six secrets to uncover on your next getaway! (Only dead men tell no tales, right?) Read them all below!


Secret 1: Score the Perfect Instagram Shot 

A visit to the best place to vacation destination in The Bahamas deserves the grandest of welcomes, aye. As you set foot on the island, you’re immediately greeted by Captain Jill’s Galleon — a throwback to the days of buccaneers, equipped with water cannons and dry slides.

Amidst all the swashbuckling, you’ll find an Instagram worthy surprise in the form of a geyser that shoots water over 70 feet into the air. While you can spot the spout from many places around the island, the best spot to score your shot is right in front of the galleon. (You won’t even need to add a filter!)

Insider tip: If you don’t have a waterproof smartphone or camera, make sure to grab a shot from a safe distance because you may get wet.


Secret 2: Follow the Music Underwater 

Close your eyes and envision your perfect day at the pool or beach. Got it? Well, at the Oasis Lagoon turns your idyllic fantasy into a reality! This freshwater pool – the largest in the Caribbean – offers a sloping entry that’s suitable for kids and their families. Plus, there’s a swim-up, loungers in the water surrounding the pool and even private cabanas.

But hands down one of our favorite surprises at the lagoon is the underwater musical soundtrack that seems perfectly scored for the weekend getaway you’ve been craving. Plunge your head below the surface for some awesome surround sound.

Insider tip: Ask your travel advisor to book your private cabana online ahead of time.


Secret 3:  Mark Your X on This Action-Packed Spot 

Perfect Day at CocoCay is overflowing with pools where you can soak up the sun and fun. From the Oasis Lagoon to the biggest wave pool in the Caribbean. But nestled in the middle of all the action at Thrill Waterpark is the soon-to-be-famous Adventure Pool, an interactive obstacle course filled with exhilarating thrills all its own.

Adventure Pool is the perfect spot to set up camp with its abundance of umbrellas and places to sit — and lots of ways to make a splash. You can hone your rock-climbing skills, hop across floating lily pads and make a splash into the pool from a swing rope. 

Insider Tip: When the adrenaline-fueled hunger strikes, a Snack Shack is close by, where complimentary burgers, fries and snacks will fuel your next daring feat.

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Secret 4: Be Your Own Beertender 

Your favorite beachside brews are on tap at the full-service bars sprinkled throughout the newly revamped Royal Caribbean private destination. But if you want to enjoy a cold one on demand, you’re in luck. Two spots have conveniently located self-serve beer stations where you can get pours on demand (for an additional cost). Your weekend cruise to The Bahamas just got infinitely more chill…and frothy.

Insider Tip: Enjoy your cold beer while nibbling on bites with a harborside view at Chill Grill, or just steps away from the beach at Skipper’s Grill.


Secret 5: Snag a Flavorful Fave 

However you choose to spend your day, you’re bound to build up an appetite. Luckily, you have tons of options! Chill Grill and Skipper’s Grill are the biggest places to grab a bite on the island, but the most buzzed-about dish actually comes from a much smaller spot — the Snack Shack! Featuring an all-beef patty, American cheese and signature Shack Sauce on a brioche bun, the Shack Burger is an absolute must try. The best part? It’s totally complimentary. Almost as popular is the mouth-watering Shack Crispy Chicken sandwich. 

Insider Tip: Take your noshing to the next level by asking the chef for Chick N’ Stix. This is a secret menu item spin on the classic that’s topped with mozzarella sticks and marinara sauce.


Secret 6: Tropical Sips That are Worth the Plank a Quick Swim 

On the western side of Perfect Day at CocoCay lies Chill Island — the ideal spot as your out-of-office oasis. From snorkeling and jet skiing to cabanas nestled along the white-sandy shoreline, you’ll find all the fixings for your best beach day ever. And when you’re ready for a tropical beverage, the Floating Bar is just offshore. Work up a thirst with a quick swim to a place where it’s 5 o’clock all the time. This is one watering hole you don’t want to miss.

Insider Tip: Order the signature Coco Loco while enjoying views of the horizon that are just as refreshing!


Time to put these secrets into good use. Contact your travel advisor today to book your next cruise! Bon Voyage!

Six Hidden Gems For Your Weekend Cruise to Perfect Day at CocoCay

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