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Why Choose Norwegian Cruise Lines for your Next Cruise

Norwegian Cruise LineThe secret is out: Cruising is one of the best options for an unforgettable vacation. Whether you are searching for romance, unparalleled dining options, convenience or exotic destinations, a cruise can give you everything you desire in one simple, easy-to-plan package.

While picking the right cruise line can be challenging, travel industry experts like those affiliated with Travel Planners International know that Norwegian Cruise Lines is an amazing choice. Uncover all that makes Norwegian Cruise Lines such an appealing prospect for an upcoming cruise getaway.

1. Freestyle Cruising

One of the primary things that sets Norwegian Cruise Lines apart from any other cruise options is the idea of freestyle cruising, an ethos embraced on every Norwegian ship.

Freestyle cruising gives passengers back the freedom that they might not get when their itineraries are planned or meals and seats are organized weeks in advance. Freestyle cruising means that if you want to dress up and enjoy a formal three-course meal, you can do so.

If you’re tired after a day of fun, you can also just grab an impromptu pizza and a beer in a casual, laid-back environment. It’s all up to you!

2. World-Class Entertainment

Norwegian Cruise LineA major reason to enjoy a cruise on your next vacation is for the chance to enjoy the entertainment onboard. When you choose Norwegian Cruise Lines, you can expect truly exceptional nightlife and world-class shows.

Just a few of the offerings from Norwegian include Latin ballroom dancing from Burn the Floor, the musical theater of Legally Blonde, the high-energy show Rock of Ages and even Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy, a mind-boggling show boasting acrobatics, dance and out-of-this-world performers.

3. Incredible Accommodation Options

Norwegian Cruise LineUnfortunately, some cruise ships have a reputation for cramped accommodations. While it’s true that you’ll spend most of your time on the ship exploring or enjoying the amazing amenities, it’s still important to have an attractive retreat to come back to.

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Norwegian Cruise Lines has upped the game by offering chic, contemporary rooms for single travelers, vast suites that can sleep up to eight guests at a time and even The Haven, a unique accommodation choice on the top deck that is reserved for the most exclusive guests.

4. Epic Destinations Around the World

Norwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Cruise Lines has fantastic ships, but they are made especially attractive when you take a look at where they travel. There is almost no end to the variety of destinations that these ships venture to.

If you want to enjoy scenic beauty, consider a cruise to Alaska or the Pacific Northwest. For culture and wildlife, destinations like the Panama Canal or South America might be a better fit. Top picks for travelers include Caribbean cruises, Hawaiian cruises and cruises to Europe.

5. Countless Departure Ports for Traveler’s Convenience

Norwegian Cruise LineA huge reason to take a cruise is to make your next vacation more convenient. Instead of traveling from one airport to the next, you can sail to the next destination on your itinerary.

Of course, it is the ultimate in convenience if you have a departure port near your home. Just some of the many departure ports offered by Norwegian Cruise Lines include Boston, New York, New Orleans, Tampa, Seattle, Barcelona, Los Angeles and Quebec.

Travel industry experts know that not all cruises are the same. Norwegian Cruise Lines goes above and beyond to provide unbeatable accommodation, convenience, luxury, flexibility and entertainment for all passengers.


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