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You Want Me to Send Them Where? Or How to Become a Travel Rockstar by Sending Clients Where No One Else is Going: Part 3

Last week we focused on Kiribati, a small island in the Pacific.  Our final destination, Dominica takes us to the Caribbean.

© Discover Dominica
© Discover Dominica

Dominica was founded in 1493 by Christopher Columbus, who named it after the Latin for Sunday – the day of the week the country was discovered.   It is located in the Eastern Caribbean and is quite tiny -only 290 square miles.  Dominica’s main industry is the export of bananas; however they are trying to build their tourism industry.  So get to this up and coming vacation destination before it becomes a crowded tourist mecca.

© Discover Dominica
© Discover Dominica


Nicknamed the “Nature Island of the Caribbean” Dominica’s varied landscape is stunning, featuring mountains covered with viridian rainforests, beautiful rolling waterfalls and striking black sand beaches.  Between the beautiful flora and the exotic fauna, Dominica is ecotourism at its best.  Although not currently an extremely popular vacation destination due to the country not currently having an airport that can accommodate large jets, Dominica is definitely on the radar, so get your clients there before everyone else does.

What to do in Dominica

Most people think beach when Caribbean islands are mentioned but ask anyone who has visited the area and they will tell you there are much better things to do in Dominica than play in the sand.

Make sure your clients are okay with “island time” because when you head to the Caribbean, punctuality is relative.  And really, who cares?  They’ll be on vacation where the first order of business is to relax.  Fortunately Dominica offers a variety of accommodations, from small cottages to luxurious resorts.  If you want something that is the epitome of the finer life, try Secret Bay.  According to their website, Secret Bay is “unique in its diversity: two beaches, the magical Cairo River a spectacular sea cave and two distinct micro-climates.”  The real jewels of this resort are the eco-friendly villas and bungalows filled will top of the line amenities.

If you’re looking for a more authentic experience. Try the Hide-Out Cottage located in Geneva.  The cottage evokes a feeling of camping while being surrounded by tropical paradise.Special Events
carnivalWhat better way to experience the culture of a nation than to attend a local event?  Dominica has a laundry list of activities going on throughout the year.  Right before Lent is Carnival or ‘The Real Mas’.  According to Dominica’s tourism site the multi-day festivities features beautiful costumes, special events like the Calypso Monarch Competition, pageants, music and more. Encourage your clients to visit during the Independence celebration. This event that honors the anniversary of Dominica’s freedom from British rule and pays homage to Creole culture takes place between October and November and can last as long as 4 weeks.

Outdoor Activities
There’s no wanting for things to do outside in Dominica.  If your clients are daring enough, have them try canyoning which is extreme hiking with some rappelling, cliff diving and swimming mixed in.  It’s pretty intense and can be dangerous if you’re not working with the right tour company.  Take a look at Extreme Dominica’s website for more information about canyoning and other adventure tours.Want something slightly less adventurous?

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Consider diving and snorkeling, river tubing, kayaking or hiking.  And if slow and steady is more their speed, suggest a bath in one of Dominica’s hot springs, a visit to the botanical gardens in 

Roseau, or a whale watch in the whale watching capitol of the Caribbean.

For more information on what your clients should experience when they visit Dominica check out US. News Travel’s report.  It will also give you tips on when to visit, what hotels and how to get around the island.  And get them there soon, because Dominica is the next big thing in travel.

Thank you for reading this 3 part series!  Make sure to check the original list created by Gunner Garfors for more destinations to show that you’re obviously a travel rockstar.

See you next time!

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