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Learn why you should choose river cruising from TPI/Scenic Cruises

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose River Cruising

When you think of a river cruise, you probably think of the Danube River or Rhine River. There’s nothing wrong with these as I’ve met a bunch of hospitable squirrels from Europe when I hopped off of my river cruise. They offered me European hazelnuts – tasty!

If you’ve traveled to Europe before, you may be in the mood for a different destination and experience, like river cruising.

Imagine taking an exotic river cruise to Asia and gliding down the Mekong River that runs between Vietnam and Cambodia. Or cruising down the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar [formerly Burma] opens you up to cultures, architecture, colorful landscapes and more.

Sound good?

Read on to learn the top reasons you should opt for river cruising.

See Hidden Places

Exotic river cruising gives you the chance to see areas of the world that may be inaccessible. For example, Myanmar [formerly Burma] has kind of a wonky ticketing hall – no English signage. It’s better to take a guided river cruise because guides speak the language and can translate for you.

Different Cultural Experiences

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Explore other cultures with a vast history. On a Luxury Mekong River Cruise, you’ll receive a blessing in the pagoda from a monk and learn how to pray in a Buddhist pagoda before giving a donation of food.

Places May Not Remain Exotic

Let’s face it; exotic locales won’t remain exotic for long. Why? Because as more travelers discover these amazing places they’ll want to see and experience them too.

Who Else Wants to Take an Exotic River Cruise?

Can you imagine seeing Buddhist temples, pagodas, and monasteries? Not only do you get a glimpse into the past in the present, but you’ll see how some parts of a country haven’t changed.

I recommend river cruising with Scenic Cruises. Why? Because on the Luxury Irrawaddy, Myanmar cruise, you’re invited to attend a delicious afternoon tea event at a local village.

Cruise on!

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