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4 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Travel Europe by Rail

Trains in Europe can travel in excess of 120 MPH and up to 200 MPH, which makes them the fastest way to travel between most cities in Europe. You arrive quicker and have more time for sightseeing, excursions and cultural experiences.

Perhaps one of the best reasons to travel by rail, however, is that it helps you to become a better traveler. Think about it. You’re sitting on a train with locals. This gives you the opportunity to have a conversation and get to know the locals on a deeper level, or simply to take time to enjoy “people watching” as you travel. And who knows? You may make a few friends along the way.

Read on to learn how traveling by rail can make you a better traveler. You may wonder why you haven’t taken a rail vacation yet.

Why You’ll Want to Travel to Europe by Rail [And How it Can Make You a Better Traveler]

Interact with Locals

When you travel by rail, you interact with locals in a friendly environment. After all, most locals travel by train from city to city and interacting with them gives you the opportunity to learn about their city and country. Use this time to get insider tips on the local hot spots including where you can find the best eats and drinks in the area. You may learn of attractions and places to visit that are not found in guide books, which not only means fewer crowds, but in most cases these off the beaten path adventures turn out to be the most rewarding experiences!

See More of the Countryside

When you travel by rail throughout Europe, the scenery is all around you. Picture rolling hills dotted with wildflowers. Or maybe a snowcapped mountain that looks as if it’s from the pages of a travel magazine. Imagine seeing Germany’s ancient Black Forest, the setting for the Brothers Grimm fairytales. Can you see Snow White wandering through the Black Forest and stumbling upon the tiny cottage home of the Seven Dwarfs? Traveling by rail excites the imagination and gives you more of a sensory experience.

Stop Worrying about Transportation

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When you’re traveling in Europe you should be excited and thinking about immersing yourself within the local culture. You should also be looking forward to and enjoying your travel experiences, not worrying about transportation. Rail travel gives you more time to enjoy yourself leisurely without having to worry about transfers, delayed or missing flights or other types of transportation that require more energy and regulation.

Learn to Travel Lighter

You may have heard or read the saying, “When in doubt, leave it out!” Traveling by rail forces you to pack and travel lighter – you leave unnecessary things at home. Do this and you’ll have less distractions and more time to experience your destinations. If you run out of items, you can always buy what you need from local shops. Be careful to take the most important items such as passports and medication! A visit to your doctor before traveling is always a good call.

Explore Scenic Europe by Rail with Keytours Vacations

Keytours Vacations cares a lot about personalized travel experiences and emphasizing how people can actually indulge in local culture on their vacations. When you travel with them, you stay at centrally located first class hotels and benefit from expert tour guides to maximize your travel experience.

Picture yourself boarding a train for an 8 Day Italian Art Cities rail experience. You visit Rome, Florence and Venice. Can you see the villages as you look out the window?

Once you arrive at your destination, you participate in walking tours and become immersed within the beauty and unique heritage of each city. You’ll have enough leisure time to explore on your own – you become your own tour guide. Or you can take an optional excursion.

Discover exciting Europe by rail with Keytours Vacations! Contact your Travel Planners International agent and discuss planning your European travel vacation.

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