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Beaches Negril Resort and Spa: Top Things You Can Experience

When you step into Beaches Negril Resort and Spa, you officially enter a carefree and casually cool zone. It’s a place where laid-back was invented, and the vibe is contagious. Before you know it, you’ll be footloose and fancy free in tropical, paradise setting where everything is included.

Imagine being located on the widest stretch of Negril’s famous 7-mile Beach – the best place to be is at the water’s edge. It’s why they have a waterpark there. Close your eyes and picture everything you’d ever expect beachside. Beaches Negril Resort and Spa has that and more.

Read on to learn about the top things you can experience at Beaches Negril Resort and Spa. It’s a great choice for your group vacation, family vacation, or honeymoon.

Top Things You Can Experience at Beaches Negril Resort and Spa

When you spend your vacation at Beaches Negril Resort and Spa, you’ll want to do and see as much as you can. Here are the top things you can experience.

Unlimited Scuba Diving and Watersports

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced scuba diver, you’ll have a great time exploring the water. If you’re not a certified diver, you can become one for the low fee of $100. You’ll be diving into the water in no time. But don’t worry; you can also participate in motorized and non-motorized water sports. Imagine being on a stand up paddle board, gliding in the water. Or maybe you want to chill out in a water hammock. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try wakeboarding. Beaches Negril Resort and Spa offers these and more. You’ll have so much fun that you (or your family or group) may not want to come out of the water!

Exciting Adventure Tours

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How does soaring above the treetops sound? What about galloping across the sand on a mountain steed? How about petting an alligator as you enjoy a boat safari along the Black River? Jamaica is a country with a rich history and luscious landscapes waiting to be explored. Take a day to experience the “real” Jamaica with an exciting tour. There are plenty of options. The question is, “What adventures do you want to have?”

Relax at Red Lane® Spa

Are you in need of some relaxation? Perhaps you have a stressful job. Or maybe you’re juggling family and career and need to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. You’d benefit from taking a journey down the path of pampering at Red Lane® Caribbean Spa. You’ll discover a tranquil sanctuary where classic European spa rituals are infused with the distinct essence of the Caribbean. With exclusive Red Lane® botanical products and essential oils, you’ll realize a state of peace in a tropical setting.

Limitless Land Sports

Even though you’re visiting the Caribbean, you may not be into water sports. No problem. Beaches Negril Resort and Spa offers you a variety of land activities. Imagine playing a game of beach volleyball and rushing the net and spiking the ball. Perhaps you love to play basketball. You can channel your favorite basketball player as you shoot hoops. Want more? How about a game of tennis table, lawn chess, or billiards? Work out in a state-of-the-art fitness center. Whatever your game is, it’s included at Beaches Negril.

Beaches Negril Resort and Spa: Laid-Back and Casually Cool

Beaches Negril Resort and Spa has everything, from lively pools to restaurants and bars. This is where you can seek adventure, relax, or do both. Spend time with loved ones… any way you want. After all, it’s your vacation. Contact your Travel Planners International agent and start planning your Caribbean getaway today. And remember, a great family vacation or honeymoon will stay with you year after year because of the memories you’ve made.

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