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Don’t Miss These Unusual Things to Do and See in Greece

Is this the year you visit Greece? The country is known for its architecture, history, myths, and food – can you smell the Baklava baking? While you may want to visit popular sites such as the Acropolis and Parthenon, you could avoid the crowds and go off the beaten path. Read on to learn the unusual things to do and see in Greece.

Boating Inside Melissani

You probably didn’t expect a cave to have a lake in it. But Melissani does. A portion of it caved in allowing rays of sunshine to gleam upon the water; this makes for a magical boating experience. To reach the cave, you’ll walk down an underground tunnel and paddle up the lake. Have fun exploring!

Olive Picking

Are you a foodie who likes olives? If you are, then you’ll want to learn the art of picking olives in some of the world’s best olive groves. This is a great way to experience the local culture and do something totally Grecian. Make sure you see how the “green blood” (olive oil) is pressed from the olives. You may even opt for a cooking class.

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Shopping at Monastiraki Flea Market

Give your wallet a break from buying designer brand names and shop at the Monastiraki flea market. The colorful market happens every Sunday in the Plateia Avissynias area. You can buy family and friends eccentric souvenirs such as vintage clothes, trinkets, and more. Shopping at the Monastiraki flea market is a fun thing to do in Athens, Greece!

Experience the Unusual Things to Do and See in Greece

If you’d like to avoid the crowds in Greece, go off the beaten path. You’ll find something interesting around every corner. Of course, the best way to see Greece is aboard a cruise ship, like Royal Caribbean. They have a port in Piraeus (Athens), so you can easily experience all the fun things to do in Athens. Bon voyage!

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