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Everything You Need to Know about What to Do on Your Nevis Vacation

Want to visit one of the most relaxing and unspoiled islands in the Caribbean? Then take a vacation to Nevis!

Imagine blue skies and breathing air that’s fresh and clean. See yourself walking on one of Nevis’ beaches, staring out into the horizon. Can you see the colorful sunset?

Nevis is a beautiful Caribbean island that’s waiting for you to discover it. You can explore by yourself or with guides. The latter may be more fun because it offers you the chance to learn about the island from those who are most familiar with it.

Read on to learn more about what you can do and see in Nevis. Visit the island and you’ll discover that the pace of life beckons you to stop and appreciate the natural surroundings. It really is a special Caribbean vacation destination that’s known for its charm and easy-going people.

Top Things to Do on Your Nevis Vacation

Check Out the Museums

Guess who was born on Nevis? It’s none other than American statesmen Alexander Hamilton (1757-1804). His birth was somewhat scandalous for that time period since he was born out of wedlock. During his life, Alexander was an author of the Federalist Papers, lawyer, soldier, and U.S. founding father and the country’s first Secretary of the Treasury. He was also the political nemesis of Aaron Burr. Sadly, Alexander became the victim of a duel with Burr. Visit the museum and you’ll learn about Hamilton’s rags-to-riches story. You may even ponder his life and times while having coffee at the adjacent café.

Experience the Great Outdoors

Whether you’re a land or water lover, Nevis has plenty of outdoor activities for you. Scuba divers can explore the sea around Nevis. The underwater scenery includes dozens of reefs, volcanic vents, and wrecks. If diving isn’t your thing, spend the morning or afternoon kayaking along the coastline of Nevis. Not only is it a great way to see the green landscape, but you can view towering Mount Nevis as you paddle along on the water. Finally, you may choose to rent a bike from a specialist shop or have your hotel do it for you. Keep in mind that Nevis is only 36 square miles with a 20 mile main road that runs round it. You’ll find single and double track trails, both easy and challenging rides. It’s fun for the entire family!

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Explore Historical Landmarks

Head to the remote east coast to see the Eden Brown Estate, an 18th century sugar plantation. The rumor on the island is that the estate has a reputation for being a ghostly site. Here’s the story. Imagine that it’s 1822 and Julia Huggins was about to get married. Her betrothed and brother quarrel and decide that the best way to resolve their argument is with a duel. This decision left them both dead. Julia becomes heartbroken and a recluse. Some say that you can hear her roaming the grounds at night. If you love the paranormal, you’ll want to visit the Eden Brown Estate.

Volunteer to Help With the Environment and Conversation of Sea Turtles

Not only can you soak up the sun on Nevis’ beaches, but you can help with its conservation efforts. Volunteer with the group of volunteers who work at night on Nevis’ beaches to tag sea turtles. They collect information about their nesting habits and movement. In the morning, the Nevis Turtle Group collects additional information. If you love wildlife, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to hang out with sea turtles.

Are You Ready to Say ‘Yes’ to a Nevis Vacation?

Close your eyes and picture an island country with brightly colored houses sprinkled throughout the landscape and people who are genuinely friendly. Everywhere you travel, you’re greeted with a warm smile. And because Nevis is so tiny, you get to know the local quickly and start to feel as if you’re at home. There are no strangers on Nevis – just warm, welcoming people are happy to see you.

If you’ve been looking for a vacation destination with an unspoiled natural setting, oodles of tranquility, and some of the best accommodations in the Caribbean, you’ll want to visit Nevis. Can you feel the peace and quiet washing over you?

Contact your Travel Planners International agent today and discuss your Nevis vacation. Don’t be surprised that when you travel to the island you see more monkeys than people. Yep! Nevis is that charming and unique.

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