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Foodie guide to Italy from TPI/Norwegian Cruise Line.

Foodie Guide to Italy: Discover the Top 3 Experiences

Ciao! That’s Italian for “hello.” I just love Adele. He! He! Get it…British singer and songwriter Adele’s hit song is “Hello.” Anyway… Who’s in the mood for Italian? Even though I’m a squirrel that eats mostly nuts and seeds, I appreciate all foods. Check out this foodie guide to Italy. Bon appetit!


Florence tantalizes your tastebuds with quality ingredients and simple execution of their dishes. Treat yourself to almond biscotti di Prato (buy some to take home) and handmade gelato. Get caught up in the commotion at Florence’s Mercato Centrale where stallholders whip cheese, meat and sausages. It’s really a sight to see. After that, head upstairs to the food court and sink your teeth into fresh pasta, burgers, steaks, truffle dishes, and pastries.


Mention Naples in a large crowd and mouths will water. Why? Because this ancient metropolis is known for the best pizza, heavenly mozzarella, and richest coffee – prepare to step up your work out! Each day you spend in Naples, you’ll breathe air that’s infused with cinnamon-scented pastries and street snacks. You may also get a whiff of the seafood that’s sold in the markets. Quench your thirst with a fine wine, maybe Aglianico that’s made from black grapes.

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Rome offers you an abundance of tasty foods. Bar Pompi (few know about this place) makes a fine tiramisu (means ‘pick me up’) in flavors from classic to pina colada. Claudio Torcè (Viale Aventino 59 – rarely appears in guidebooks) is the man to see for gelato. Inventive flavors include carrot, celery and gorgonzola. Yummy!

Cruise and Eat Your Way through Italy

When you visit Italy, you may prefer to leave the driving or should I say “steering” to someone else. This is why I took a cruise from Norwegian Cruise Line. I sat back, relaxed, and thought about the new foods I could eat. Arrivederci!

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