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TPI plants trees

We’re Giving Back By Planting Trees

Here at TPI, we’re pretty big on giving back to the planet. Why wouldn’t we? Our whole livelihood is dependent on the destinations we frequently travel to stay in the best shape! So, it came to no surprise when TPI C.O.O and Executive Vice President, Tony Gagliano Jr., spearheaded a mission to plant 550 native trees and bushes along Davis Creek in North Carolina.

The replanting of trees project was cosponsored by the Hiwassee Watershed Coalition and Trout Unlimited. Both organizations sent over volunteers to help Gagliano Jr. with the digging and planting. According to Gagliano Jr., the goal was to “replace the vegetation that was cut down many years ago by the… first homesteaders in the area.”

Thanks to this project, the newly planted trees will help maintain the soil from eroding and keep the creek temperature below 70 degrees in summer. The perfect environment for the native fish in the area (and for a quick dip)!

Check out the pictures below of the special project!


Tony Gagliano Jr., TPI’s Executive Vice President and C.O.O, (right) with volunteers.


Volunteer with some of the to-be-planted trees.


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Volunteers planting trees along Davis Creek.


550 trees were planted throughout the day.



How You Can Do More

We believe that travel agents hold the key to the Amazon Rainforest, the Taj Mahal, and the Great Pyramid of Giza. But a destination won’t survive if we don’t come together as a community. So, enter our #BetheCurator campaign.

Actually, it’s more than a campaign. It’s a movement that encourages the travel industry to go beyond booking travel, influences the local community, and curates the future of our beloved destinations. Click here to learn more about our #BetheCurator campaign.


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