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): Learn what to pack for your Alaska cruise from TPI/Celebrity Cruises.

Going to Alaska? Here’s What You Need to Pack


You’re considering or perhaps have already booked a cruise vacation.

You have visions of a moose roaming freely in a state park. Or you may picture a mama brown bear and her cubs walking along a river bank trying to find a nice spot for a picnic consisting of fresh salmon and berries.

But you also start to visualize yourself packing your suitcase. Clothes are tossed everywhere in your closet and bedroom. They even land on the dog; she looks as if she’s dressed to go out on a date.

You start to panic and think, “What heck kind of clothing do I pack for my Alaska cruise?” Here are the top clothes to bring:

Hiking or Walking Shoes

Bring a sturdy pair of waterproof hiking or walking shoes so you can keep your balance on Alaska’s mountainous terrain.

Rain Gear

Bring a waterproof poncho and raincoat with a hood to keep your dry in case of a downpour. You may also want to bring a zip fleece jacket with a high collar. Consider bringing a light jacket for those days when it’s a misty or cool.

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Bring hiking socks or quality pairs of socks to keep your feet warm and dry. Even if you take a summer cruise to Alaska, you’ll need socks for when you participate in hiking excursions.

Pants, Sweaters and a Variety of Shirts

The weather varies so bring sweaters and a variety of shirts. You can easily layer these and have a different look each day.

Get on Board with an Alaska Cruise from Celebrity Cruises

One of my favorite cruise lines is Celebrity Cruises. If you forget something, don’t worry. You can buy what you need onboard in one of the shops. Easy-peasy!

Imagine 24 ports and cities and over 40 land excursions. Your Alaska vacation combinations are endless in the unspoiled land between forest and glacier.

Book a cool Alaskan cruise with Celebrity Cruises today!

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