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How Much Do You Know about Panama? Read These Unusual Facts

If you’re finally taking or are considering a vacation to Panama, you’ll find it less compared to Costa Rica. It’s a fascinating country. For example, did you know that the canal generates fully one-third of Panama’s entire economy? Keep reading to learn other fun and unusual facts about Panama.

Sun Rise and Sun Set

You probably didn’t know that you can see the sun rise on the Pacific and set on the Atlantic in Panama. How cool is that?

Panama Palindrome

A palindrome is a word, phrases, number, or other sequence of characters which reads the same backward or forward. So…“A man a plan a canal Panama” is a palindrome.

U.S. Currency

Panama was the first country to adopt U.S. currency as its own. They’ve been using the American dollar since 1904.

A City with a Rain Forest

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Visit Panama City, the capital of Panama, and you’ll see a rainforest within the city limits – Parque Natural Metropolitano de Panamá. Not only do you get the chance to experience Panama’s natural landscape, but you can soak up the capital’s exciting urban culture in the same day. Awesome!

Panama is for the Birds

Despite Panama’s small size, the country has more species of birds (both native and migratory) than the U.S. and Canada combined. Birdwatchers bring your camera and binoculars because you’ll see amazing feathered creatures.

Hundreds of Miles of Coastline

Panama may be a small country, but it has more than 1,500 miles of coastline. If you love beach vacations, you’ll enjoy many pristine beaches where you can work on your tan, and then go for a swim.

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The Panama Canal, an epic man-made marvel, opened in 1914 and changed the world at the same time. If you want to really see Panama, I recommend taking a Panama cruise with Princess Cruises. Imagine visiting Fuerte Amador, situated at the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal. You’ll enjoy several shops, restaurants, and other specialty stores. Bon Voyage!

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